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  • Madtown Liberal Invades DC

       May 18, 2004

    The Communist Times (okay, so it's really Madison's Capital Times, but you get the idea) is at it again. The author of the piece, Bill Berry, visited DC and came back home filled with "wisdom". I'm filled with bile. All I can do is attack this bit by bit.

    A work trip led to Washington, D.C., last week. As always, the capital of the so-called free world was fascinating to a small-town boy from Wisconsin.

    "The capital of the so-called free world"? As opposed to what? Paris? Even a Frenchie like Brigit Bardot might debate you on that one.

    The contrasts have always been stark, but they seem even sharper in these post-9/11, war-in-Iraq days. Washington, D.C., is a city that seems to have more rich and powerful people and more down-and-out beggars per person than anywhere.

    It has fabulous free museums and monuments that draw visitors from around the world. Clots of Japanese tourists, each person clutching a camera, pose at the Washington Monument, just feet away from a busload of school kids from Illinois. The tourists walk past the ever-present beggars, whose blankets and little caches of belongings claim park benches in the summer and heating vents when it gets cold.

    Isn't it funny how the press only notices the homeless when Republicans are in the White House? Actually, I'd use a word other than "funny", but you get the point. I'm sure DC was full of homeless people when Clinton was President, just as much as I'm sure that Berry wouldn't have reported that fact.

    I remember being in D.C. last year on March 17, St. Patrick's Day, the day President Bush announced on national TV that Saddam Hussein and his bunch had run out of chances, and an invading army would be unleashed. It was a declaration of war. How strange it seemed to walk past some crowded Irish pubs near my hotel that day, just before the Bush speech, and to see great crowds of revelers. They seemed oblivious to and uncaring about the gathering storm, but maybe they were just resigned. I went to a liquor store near the hotel and bought some stiff booze, then headed to my room to drink and curse at the TV.

    Hey, you out-of-touch liberal, maybe some of these people were celebrating the fact that we were finally going to get Saddam and continue to make progress in the War on Terror? Maybe some people agree with the President and aren't simply "resigned" to what was going on. I know it's hard to believe that everyone might not conform to your ultra-liberal viewpoint, but it's true. Even on your beloved coasts.

    a Capitol staffer told me last week that he was convinced terrorists would again strike D.C. He had no inside information, just a sense of time and place, and he spoke without fear or emotion of any sort. He expressed no desire to leave the place, and we went on to talk about other matters, as though we had just finished discussing yesterday's Packers game. So it goes in the capital of the so-called free world.

    So what's your point? Of course DC is a target. DC will remain a target of terrorism until we KILL THE TERRORISTS and destroy regimes that support them. Do you know WHY DC is a target? Because it's the CAPITAL OF THE FREE WORLD you idiot!

    An army of service industry people works in Washington, there to wait on, ferry, open doors for people who work in the offices or visit on business. I am drawn to them, those who will open up a bit when someone shows interest. Their smiles are real. They speak with pride of their children and grandchildren, with intelligence about politics, economy, their city. They are not going up any career ladders. Rather, they are holding onto some rungs. I wonder where they live, and how much distance there is between them and the beggars. My friends chide me for tipping these people too much. I consider it a tithe of sorts.

    Oh, what a wonderful, benevolent visitor Mr. Berry is. He alone recognizes the working class citizens of the capital of the free world. But hold on here, he considers tipping a "tithe of sorts"? Is he really that arrogant? He considers tipping charity? I hope the service industry employees he's demeaning with this attitude spit in his food.

    One of the evenings last week, the TV in the hotel bar alternated images between stories about a beheaded American and the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. The sound was turned down, and no one was watching. A woman entertained at a piano, men smoked fat cigars, and people drank from cocktail glasses that glistened beneath the overhead lights. The contrasts seemed stark to a visitor, but it was just another day in the capital of the so-called free world.

    Hmm, I'm sure that if this were happening in France everyone in the hotel bar would be engaging in a lively debate about why America is the cause of all evil and suffering in the world. Maybe Michael Moore would be there! Oh, poor Bill Berry having to suffer through a trip to DC when he could have been in Cannes instead.

    Posted by at May 18, 2004 07:49 AM

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    #  March 7th, 2005 6:48 PM      Converted_Comment
    Converted comment: Posted by: jkhat at May 18, 2004 10:19 AM

    What a f*cking idiot. Why is it that the media only employs retards?

    Next time Mr. Berry is in town I recommend that he sit and watch one of the "homeless" people for more than a few minutes, or that he follow one home at night. Many of the so-called "homeless" in DC aren't homeless at all - and they make a TON of cash from bleeding heart visitors like this guy. We do have real, truly homeless people as well, though most of them aren't down on the Mall. And most of them are crazy. And most all of them get money from city programs for living expenses and what not, and they could have an apartment if they chose.

    Anyway, wow. Great article find. It's hard to believe that it's real; it's hard to believe that people are as damaged as this Mr Berry.




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