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  • Amazing Race Recap-Episode 5

       March 29, 2005

    So, last week I said that "a lot of the tension of the Race is philiminated when you dislike all three of the lagging teams". Well, this week was the complete opposite. Let me tell ya, my heart was pounding when my darling brothers and the evil Ray & Deanna were in a footrace to the Amazing Bathmat. And THANK GOD Brian & Greg won. I adore these two. They're funny and sweet, even if they're not great drivers.

    For Ray & Deanna, I hope this wasn't just the end of the Race for them, but also the end of their on-again, off-again relationship. Deanna had it exactly right when she said that Ray needs to learn that relationships aren't just about him. You'd think a man his age would get over some of his selfishness. Wasn't it especially sweet that these were Philiminated before the oldsters Meredith & Gretchen. I'm sure that still pisses Ray off.

    I like the addition to the non-elimination penalty. After the first leg of this two-leg episode, not only did Meredith & Gretchen lose all their money and not get money for the second leg, they also lost all of their posessions except for the clothes on their back and their passports. I think that's great. Teams should be harshly penalized for finishing last, even in non-elims.

    I should say, that as much fun as I've made of Gretchen, I really admired her tonight. She cut herself pretty badly in the caves and showed a lot of pluck in continuing. Some of the women in this Race and past Races would've cried and whined their way out of the competition. Of course, her injuries prevent me from pointing out her dirty words of the week. Ah well, maybe next time.

    Rob & Amber were clearly cast as the villains. Unlike every other team, they didn't stop for Brian & Greg's car accident. Now, I understand it's a race, but all they needed to do was slow down, roll down the windows and make sure that everyone was okay. Plus, you could see that someone was hurt on the ground. You all may not know this, but the camera crews rotate among all the teams, so it's likely that Rob & Amber had traveled with the cameraman who was injured. It's not like this was some stranger. I think they showed a lack of common decency. I'm not throwing in the towel on them, but I do like them much less than last week.

    Also, I think this week showed that there are some big chinks in their relationship. You could sense Rob's frustration when he was practically begging Amber to make some decisions. At some point, I want her to at least be an equal partner in the team, but I don't know if that's going to happen. She's seems happiest when she's just coasting along.

    Lynn & Alex were a little more tolerable this week, while Ron & Kelly were just as invisible. Those two are good competitors, but there's nothing about them that interests me.

    I'm glad that the trip to the orphanage made Uchenna and Joyce think about adoption again. They are so supportive of each other and they seem like they'd be wonderful with children. They could make some kids so happy.

    A couple of other notes:

    • I was really disappointed with the flight situation. In the past, trips from South America to Africa really required the teams to work the airport hard. This was too easy. I want to see teams scrambling for flights. Heck, I want to see teams on different flights for once.
    • There were a couple of great editing moments with the kids in the orphanage. First, Brian & Greg dancing around like dorks and admonishing the kids with "don't do drugs". Later, Meredith & Gretchen told the kids to "be good". Hilariously, while they were saying this we see one kid bonk another kid on the head with a ball. Good stuff.
    • I liked the running joke throughout the episode of teams calling Meredith "she". He's the boy named Sue.
    • The brothers are still my favorite team. Without Ray & Deanna, I think Ron & Kelly are my least favorites. I don't dislike them, I just wouldn't miss them if they were Philiminated next week.

    Previous Recaps:
    Episode 4: Mendoza, Argentina to Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Episode 3: Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina
    Episode 2: Cuzco, Peru to Santiago, Chile
    Episode 1: Long Beach, CA to Cuzco, Peru

    Be sure to check out Viking Pundit's recap too!

    Posted by at March 29, 2005 10:26 PM

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    #  March 29th, 2005 11:12 PM      james
    i disagree, i don't think it was a big deal that rob & amber didn't stop. what were they supposed to do? it's not like they're medical professionals. the show is staffed by what i'm sure is an amazing support crew, so help was on the way. i was tired of hearing lynne and alex and their self-righteous admonishment of them.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 8:15 AM      kris
    Well, Lynn & Alex certainly didn't need to stay there that long, but Rob & Amber at least needed to slow down, roll down the windows and just ASK if everyone was okay. A little common courtesy would have gone a long way in that situation.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 8:32 AM      james
    do you slow down at every accident that you see on the road, even when other people are already stopped?  
    #  March 30th, 2005 8:34 AM      kris
    If I saw people that I knew standing outside their car after an accident, I would stop.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:18 AM      james
    it's a race for a million dollars, not a nicey-nice contest. to quoth the johns, help was on the way.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:19 AM      kris
    i know it's not the Amazing Montessori School, but there's somewhere in between where they could have acted like decent people  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:21 AM      kbegg
    I guess I was watching a different show than you and Viking Pundit. Rob and Amber did slow down, but then moved right on. It wasn't a moment that covered them in glory, but what I don't understand is that intimation that the teams that followed them (other than Uchenna and Joyce, who did at least pause to ask if they could help) did any differently. Meredith and Gretchen and Ray and Deanna both drove right past them too. I don't know why Phil glowered at Rob and not at them too.

    And, at the risk of being cold-hearted, why weren't the brothers penalized? As I understand the rules, you have the right to request another vehicle with no penalty if it breaks down without the player having any responsibility for it doing so.

    However, the brothers were clearly driving too fast, and the accident *was* their fault. Shouldn't they have recieved a time penalty and thus come in last place and been eliminated? Believe me, I don't like Ray better than anyone else, but am I wrong, or was he and Deanna bascially screwed on this?  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:26 AM      kris
    I don't want to throw Rob & Amber on the fire, but I just think they should have asked if everyone was okay. That's it. I'm not asking too much.

    The brothers were penalized. They had to wait for a replacement car. As far as I know, TAR doesn't have a speeding penalty. If they did, EVERY time would receive it.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:39 AM      kbegg
    Again, I agree that it would have been nice for Rob to stop. My point, though, is that neither Meredith nor Ray stopped either. Only Uchenna popped his head out. So Rob wasn't uniquely jerk-offy.

    Second, when the boats broke down last week, Phil clearly said something about responsiblity being taken into account. After a little Googling, I found this:

    "If it is a vehicle that the Race production provided (i.e. a car that the teams have to drive themselves), and if the team didn't cause it to break down by doing something stupid like driving over sharp rocks or putting unleaded gasoline in a car that uses diesel, then the team can request a new vehicle from the production crew - but they get no time credit for the time they lost waiting for the new one to arrive.

    However, if the team caused the vehicle to break down, or if the vehicle is some sort of public transportation (taxi, bus, etc.), then the team is out of luck. They can try to get the vehicle fixed, or (sometimes) they can abandon it and find other transportation."

    Clearly, under this rule, the brothers should not have gotten another vehicle. I hate to say this, but I think Ray and Deanna have cause to sue the show, as I think the brothers should have been eliminated last night.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:43 AM      kris
    Maybe this was considered a special deal since the driving was dangerous enough that they had to have a guide with them.

    I dunno. I can't really be objective since I love the brothers so much that I could barely watch the end last night because I was afraid they'd be Philiminated.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:51 AM      kbegg
    Kris, I agree that watching Ray knocked out was a thing of beauty.

    However, I do think he was screwed. That leaves two unsettling possibilities should he and the dishrag choose to sue CBS. (And, frankly, although I'm very much against frivolous lawsuits, I would.) First, they get a bundle of cash, perhaps up to a million bucks, to go away. Second, and even worse, they get to appear on the show again to get another crack at things.

    And nobody wants to see that.

    I realize that appearing to champion Ray could potentially make me look like a dick, but there are rules for a reason. Since the brothers were clearly shown talking about how bad the roads were, and that their car was slipping around, and yet didn't slow down, I just have to think they should have been knocked out. Otherwise, they should just toss out the rules and let the viewers vote at the end for who they'd like to get the money.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 9:53 AM      james
    there must be a speed limit in the race, kris, there would be no way to pull it off, legally, without one. imagine the show's liability to an innocent bystander that happens to get run down by a participant in this "race." in fact, i'd bet dollars to donuts that the cars all have governors on them that limit their top speed.

    i suppose that you'd also fault rob and amber for not giving money or food to dandy don and his whiney wife? it's one thing if a team chooses to help them for strategic reasons, ie. they expect reciprocal help in the future, but it's quite another to fault them for not being "compassionate" enough. it's a RACE.

    you concede that it's not "asking too much" to have them stop and ask if everyone is ok. if it's not a big deal in your mind, then why "ask" them to do it at all? so they can say "oh, good," or "oh no!" and then be on their way?

    again, it's a RACE.
    #  March 30th, 2005 10:05 AM      kris
    Ugh, don't remind me of Rupert!

    I'm hoping that the ruling was that the roads were so rough that any accident was considered just that, an accident, and not the fault of the actions of the team. That's the only thing that makes sense.

    You don't look like a dick at all. We just disagree. It happens and it's part of the fun of talking about reality TV.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 10:07 AM      kris

    I'm just a little disappointed in Rob & Amber for not showing a little common decency.

    From a racing standpoint, Rob & Amber were probably really dumb not to at least ask how things were. The other teams already don't like them. They could have earned a little goodwill for 2 seconds worth of effort.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 10:12 AM      james
    again, not seeing your "lack of common decency" argument.

    it's one thing to say that you, personally, would have stopped, or that it might have been a good move for them, strategically. it's quite another to say that they are bad people that lack "common decency" because they didn't stop where they couldn't help anyway.

    the 2 that lost slowed down, even stopped, and asked if everyone was ok. then they lost by, what, 5 seconds?
    #  March 30th, 2005 10:13 AM      kris
    I never said they were bad people, did i? i just said that it made me like them a little less.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 10:17 AM      james
    since decency is "the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality," i would say that your assertion that they lack common decency is saying exactly that.  
    #  March 30th, 2005 10:22 AM      kris
    but in the recap, i do say "I'm not throwing in the towel on them, but I do like them much less than last week."

    let's throw in the towel on this argument.

    do you like Meredith & Gretchen any more after this week?

    perhaps we need to discuss something less controversial, like Terri Schiavo or something ;-)  
    #  March 30th, 2005 3:14 PM      james

    no, i don't like dandy don or his annoying wife one bit. i understand that you are impressed that she didnt whine her way out of the competition - shouldnt that be a given for any contestant? after all, her injuries werent all that bad. she only needed one stitch. (and head wounds bleed a lot, so im sure it looked worse than it was.)

    i was in disagreement with dandy and his assessment of her fortitude after the fall. he said something to the effect "while she was hurt, she said 'you go get that clue, we're not leaving without it,' and that showed me what she was made of, i was so proud of her." how in the heck does that show any fortitude whatsoever? she basically sat there on her ass and barked out orders at him. "You go do this, now!"

    which is, of course, exactly what she should have done. im not faulting her for it - i am, however, faulting dandy for thinking that it was such an act of courage on her part to tell him what to do.

    #  March 31st, 2005 10:19 AM      samdham
    Is it just me, or are Gretchen and Meredith making the funniest statements? A few episodes ago, Gretchen commented about their threesome, then on Tuesday, Meredith gets out of the truck complaining, "I'm soo stiff! Gretchen, help me out here!" I about died laughing. Then there was the comment from Gretchen a few weeks ago about making up for her shortcomings in other ways. Every week they say something that makes me want to either laugh uncontrollably or throw up.  
    #  March 31st, 2005 10:23 AM      kris
    Oh yeah, Sandham, we've been keeping track of all the dirty things Gretchen says, but GREAT CATCH on the "I'm sooo stiff" comment by Dandy Don. Heh, they're soooo made for each other ;-)  
    #  August 15th, 2005 12:35 AM      RaceRef83
    There is no penalty for speeding "per se". However, it is prohibited for a team to break national laws. If the team had been nailed for a traffic violation, then they could have been made to eat a penalty for driving too dang fast.  



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