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  • Amazing Race Recap-Episode 8

       April 19, 2005

    Frenetic. I could write that and have an accurate one-word description of tonight's episode. If nothing else, this leg of the race was the most hectic hour of television I've ever watched. In the past, when the Race went to India the focus was on the team's reactions to extreme poverty. It was nice to see the teams in India and watch them instead react to the overwhelming energy around them.

    Unfortunately, I had to listen to Gretchen react to that energy. And, even worse, since Lynn & Alex were Philiminated tonight, I'll have to listen to her again next week. Ugh. What a shrill woman. I'm afraid I'll hear her shrieking "We have a bad elephant!" in my sleep tonight. In my nightmares, to be more accurate. The worst thing about Gretchen is that she harps on poor Meredith constantly but does almost nothing to actually help him. Tonight she sat up in the elephant bitching and never attempted to get out and help. Then, after Dandy Don, with the help of a half dozen little kids, moved the 600 lb. elephant, she made him do the roadblock. Of course, she bitched at him the whole time and then, when he urged her on after he finished, she had the gall to bitch at him for yelling at her. She's a piece of work, that one. I can't imagine how Dandy Don's put up with her all these years. And no, I do not want to think about how she might "make it up" to him.

    I felt bad for Uchenna & Joyce tonight. They took the Fast Forward, Joyce had to have her beautiful hair shaved off, they barely (if you believe the editing) finished first and they didn't win cash, a car or a trip for doing so. The producers of the Race must have really wanted someone to shave their heads since they tried this same Fast Forward two seasons ago. Unfortunately, two models got there and refused to do it. Even more unfortunately, they weren't Philiminated for it.

    Things went well for Ron & Kelly this leg, so Kelly didn't turn on him. In fact, I bet Kelly didn't even have to think about Bible verses this week to make it through the leg. From the previews, things don't look so lovey dovey next week. I swear to God that these two just met. I also think that once they hit the finish line they may never meet again.

    I was glad to see Amber doing some of the work this leg, although Rob used his awesome powers of Schmooze to cajole another native to help them out. While Sanjay was a willing helper, I was a little put off by Rob pulling poor Indian children from the side of the street to help them push their elephant on the detour. That was more than a little creepy.

    Lynn & Alex were pretty charming this leg, so of course they were Philiminated. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was reminded of Monsoon Wedding as they danced at the Indian wedding. I was busy scanning the crowd for a glimpse of the Indian Kramer (and those who've seen the movie will know exactly who I mean) As the stress of the Race got to them, they started to care less and less about what Rob & Amber were doing. Unfortunately, they made one huge mistake tonight by going to the wrong spot for the Pit Stop and paid the price for it. Hell, we all paid the price for it. I was so disappointed that the Dandy Dons stayed alive. I don't think my ears can handle it!

    What's even worse is that there's about a 100% chance that next week will be a non-elimination leg. Will these two ever be off my television? That said, I also think there's nearly a 100% chance that the final three will be Rob & Amber, Ron & Kelly and Uchenna & Joyce.

    Finally, there's also a 100% chance that I will watch Locusts on Sunday night. Hell, I'm even thinking of doing a recap of it. It looks that so-bad-it's-good!

    For another take on the episode, check out Viking Pundit's recap.

    Posted by at April 19, 2005 09:24 PM

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    #  April 19th, 2005 9:51 PM      kris
    Oh, and if I had any doubts that Rob & Amber were meant for each other, they were erased when Amber yelled out "Geez Louise!" when she was camel racing. They're a couple of weirdos ;-)  
    #  April 20th, 2005 11:40 AM      KVBigSis
    I feel so guilty for hating Gretchen, because she was great about her head wound in the cave, but my God - has she ever had an unuttered thought?

    This was definately "Monsoon Wedding" India all the way around, and I'm sure the Indian Board of International Tourism is breathing a sigh of relief.

    Lynn and Alex almost made me forget their smug self-righteousness with their genuinely touching farewell.

    I loved the way Joyce was immediately willing to shave her head, and I think she looks absolutely beautiful without hair.  
    #  April 20th, 2005 11:56 AM      james
    i think that the show is rigged to keep gretchen and dandy don on it.

    1) they finished last the other week and it was coindicentally a "non-elimination" round.

    2) they finished last last week and it was all of a sudden an unprecendented "nope, not over yet" round where the teams all had to wait for a train that would arrive some 24 hours after they got to the checkpoint. all teams got to rest. all teams were forced to start from the same point. no way this wasn't conceived of to keep those 2 on the show. maybe they pull in the geriatric demographic.

    3) phil made a big point out of telling them "you are the oldest team to make it this far." well no kidding, phil, you're rigging it for them.
    #  April 20th, 2005 12:00 PM      kris

    The logistics of the show are so complicated that there's no way they can make those kinds of decisions on the fly like you describe.

    That said, you are going to go off the handle next week, because I'm sure it'll be non-elim and I'm just as sure that the Dandies will finish last.

    Plus, they WOULD have been Philiminated last night but for Lynn & Alex going to the wrong castle first. The show could hardly have known that was going to happen.  
    #  April 20th, 2005 12:10 PM      james
    i dont think it would difficult to orchestrate what i described. not in the slightest.

    even if it was, look at yesterday: all it would take to do this is to say "yeah, lets send them to the train station, where they'll wait for 24 hours, and we'll tell them that this isn't a pitstop. yeah, that's the ticket...."  
    #  April 21st, 2005 11:23 PM      missharri
    Concerning the train station and the 24 hour wait, they were not waiting at the station for 24 hours, they were one the train for over 24 hours. That is what made the whole continutation necessary. Why have them wait at a pit stop for 12 hours, then get on a train for 24 hours. They handled it the only way they could.

    Joyce sure did look good after shaving her head, and yes they did deserve a prize for that.  
    #  April 22nd, 2005 12:07 AM      james
    to answer your question, missharri, if it would have been a pit stop, as was likely originally intended, they would have taken the train the next day. it's a train station. trains run every day.

    what doesnt make sense is the way it played out
    #  April 23rd, 2005 10:23 AM      tpintsch
    I'm suprised they didn't get a prize. I prefer Gretchen's whining to Lynns whining though. But I have to say, I am getting to hate Rob and Amber more and more as time goes on.  



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