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  • Iraq War Vets Have Convinced Me: Withdraw the Troops Now

       April 02, 2006

    This may come as a shock to many long time readers, but I think I'm going to vote "Yes" on Tuesday's referendum calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. I've been reading a lot about the Democrats' Band of Brothers 2006", a group of veterans running for Congress. If .003% of the troops who served in Iraq are so fed up with what we are doing there that they are now aspiring to an interesting, glamorous, well-paying job with a good future, then they must know more than me. And, one of these vets lost her legs in Iraq. I think it's actually illegal to question her political positions. If it's not, then there oughtta be a law.

    I'm just shocked that everyone in the military doesn't agree with the Bush administration and the way they have conducted the war in Iraq. I thought the military was a homogenous bunch of jarheads and rednecks. You know, like Texas. This glimpse of dissent in the ranks is like a shaft of light coming in through a crack in the wall. I'm now enlightened. As we all know, Iraqi veterans are the absolute moral authorities on the war. And, because these patriotic veterans are brave, courageous and patriotic enough not to be in the ignorant majority, they have super, duper moral authority. Who I am to disagree with them?

    Oh sure, most of these veterans aren't actually calling for the troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. But, you know that's what they really want, just like the rest of the Democratic Party and gay marriage.

    Frankly, I'm glad that these vets have finally come forward to tell the truth about Iraq. For the last three years, all we've heard about is Iraq's strong economic growth, civic forums, free press, elections, infrastructure reconstruction and the building of schools and hospitals. It's about time someone told the other side of the story. You know, if more people like these vets had been out there in 2004, I would have voted for John Kerry and maybe we wouldn't even be in this mess anymore. Or maybe we still would. Or maybe we would have gotten out and then decided to go back in. It's hard to tell. But, at least this Tuesday I'll finally be able to make a real difference by voting "Yes" on this non-legally binding referendum.

    Oh, and just so you know, I still support the troops. Well really, I only support the ones who agree with me. I'm sure that's close enough.

    Posted by at April 2, 2006 08:27 PM

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    #  April 3rd, 2006 2:47 PM      kilabe
    This may come as a surprise to you, but me as a Southern white male of practicing Christianity with time in the military and as a defense contractor, doesn't agree with the President on a lot of issues. For example the timing of the invasion of Iraq so close to the heels of being in Afghanistan. However, I am of the same belief that withdrawing from Iraq now would be a collosal mistake. It would plunge a whole country into chaos that would take decades for it to recover from and would serve to embolden our enemies in the region (Iran). As far as Vets who have differing opinions, I don't mind, just as long as they realize that being vets in the same war they are against doesn't preclude them from having thier motives or ideals questioned.  
    #  April 4th, 2006 9:39 AM      mbrlr
    If what you've written isn't well-veiled sarcasm, I'm glad to know --- irony of ironies --- that each Hail Mary and Our Father I've said over the last few years have actually had some effect.

    It's not, not should it be, illegal to question the opinions of others, and that includes veterans. While their service and sacrifice should be honored, that doesn't include having to agree without question with everything they say. Part of freedom of speech is having to listen to or at least allow the speech of those you disagree with, and having the right to disagree.

    As for withdrawal (my latin's lousy apart from some legal terminology, but would that be "bellus interruptus"?), we can't withdraw now because we were damn fool enough to go in the first place and we have some obligation to clear up the mess we made, but if Nixon could eventually see the writing on the wall concerning Vietnam, a war that was at least viewed initially as a hot part of the cold war (Gulf of Tonkin lies from Johnson notwithstanding), so can Congress --- Bush already knew it was founded upon lies --- figure it out in this war that had no legitimate cause other than the fact that Saddam is a really horrible guy. We now have the reality of the deaths and wounds of our soldiers and Iraqui civilians in a war largely based upon hubris and self-righteous ignorance, and let's toss in the reality of the war crimes we've since committed. It makes Lt. Calley seem almost polite. Oh, and the increase in terrorist enlistment we've now provoked. Do you suppose that al Quaida now shouts "USA, USA!" at all of its cell meetings in gratitude? We're apparently just trying to make the world safe for terrorist recruitment and the gutting of the Bill of Rights.

    Since George W. profess that they listen to Jesus, I don't think I'd hire Jesus as either a political or foreign policy specialist. No offense, Lord. Anyone see Doonesbury this Sunday? It's amazing when truth is more satirical than satire, but it makes Trudeau's job even easier.

    Okay, my daily dose of anathema sitting on George W. is spent (at least the morning portion). I'm like those folks back in FDR's time who just referred to "that man in the White House" because they couldn't bear to say his name; however, FDR was one of our greatest presidents (# 3 on my list) and in the white house...isn't.

    I hope all are well at my favorite right-wing website.  
    #  April 4th, 2006 9:54 AM      kris
    heh, i didn't think it was that well-veiled.  



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