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  • College Football Picks - Week Five

       September 29, 2006

    I was four for five last week and I even got an SEC game right. W00T! However, I was a huge snot about Cal and they deserve an apology from me. Sorry smarties! On to this week.

    Wisconsin at Indiana: I thought Wisconsin played Michigan tough last week despite a complete lack of offensive skill players other than QB John Stocco. The defense was impressive and the offense, uh, tried really hard. Big Ten road games are always tough, but this is Indiana we're talking about. The pick: Wisconsin.

    Maine at Boston College: What? This isn't a hockey game? Huh. Well, in that case this is easy. The pick: Boston College.

    #24 Georgia Tech at #11 Virginia Tech: I know absolutely nothing about the ACC other than they play some wicked basketball. It seems like Virginia Tech is always highly ranked and then they lose to a lesser team and then rebound and beat Miami. My hunch is that Georgia Tech is that lesser team. The pick: Georgia Tech.

    #14 Oregon at Arizona State: This is Oregon's first game since Oklahoma. Since they really didn't win, I think they are overranked and are probably on par with a good Arizona State team. It's in Arizona and that tips the scales for me. The pick: Arizona State.

    #1 Ohio State at #13 Iowa: Watching the scores every Saturday, I keep seeing Iowa tied or trailing relatively crappy teams, so I just don't buy that they are really that good. I know Iowa is a tough place to play with the pink locker room and all that, but Austin's tough, Ann Arbor's tough, Happy Valley is tough. Hell, even Lafayette is tough and Ohio State gets through that just fine. The pick for a surprisingly easy win: Ohio State.

    Posted by at September 29, 2006 07:25 AM

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    #  September 29th, 2006 9:31 AM      BVBigBro
    Virginia Tech will win. The only reason GT is ranked is Notre Dame beat them, and the pollsters have to justify keeping Notre Dame in the top 25 when the don't belong there.  
    #  September 29th, 2006 2:47 PM      james

    how boring
    #  September 29th, 2006 3:25 PM      kris
    i's a lame week for games  
    #  September 29th, 2006 8:50 PM      themandownthehall
    Bad week? Oh, Come On! There is no such thing as a bad week for games. Any football is good football! Iowa-OSU, Michigan-Minnesota, Bama-Florida, Purdue-ND just to name a few. I love my ESPN Gameplan. Anyway, this weeks picks:

    Oregon is a decent team. No, they didn't really beat OK, but OK is not a bad team. They deserve to be ranked and Oregon did play them tough. AZ State had the chance to show they were someone and blew it. Oregon.

    Va Tech is going to squeak this one out. I think they are a bit overrated but not by that much. If it was in Atlanta, then I'd switch picks.

    BC is weak, but come on, Maine? I think my kids 2nd and 3rd grade soccer team would stand as much a chance. BC better win in a blowout.

    Wisconsin will rebound nicely. It's Indiana. I think the bye week could beat Indiana.

    Ohio State will win by at least 20. Poor Iowa, they're all happy and excited and it will be very short lived. Kind of like the little girl playing with her puppy right before it runs into the road and gets flattened by a mack truck. Happiness and joy until the wreckage of OSU quieting all doubts about their number 1 ranking. At least until Michigan comes calling.

    Oh, and one Kris didn't mention: Michigan will take back the little brown jug by 3 TD's. Time to pay back another team for beating us last year...

    And please Purdue, Please beat Notre Dame...

    Have a great weekend everyone!  
    #  September 30th, 2006 8:36 AM      kris
    the Big Ten games are interesting, that's true. I try to NOT just pick those games though since we have readers from all over the place. outside of the Big Ten it's a subpar week.  
    #  September 30th, 2006 9:43 AM      drew
    subpar? Texas plays... nop, you're right.

    A&M v. Texas Tech will be fun. It's the "shitty rivalry." Wreck'em!  
    #  September 30th, 2006 11:51 AM      REV
    - Big ten is waaaaaay cool. Ohio St., Michigan, Michigan St., Iowa...but keep an eye on the rear-view mirror...that dust cloud gaining on you is MIZZOU!!! Big 12 Baby!!!  
    #  September 30th, 2006 6:59 PM      james
    I think the bye week could beat Indiana.

    heh, that's my favorite insight of the week.  
    #  October 1st, 2006 10:47 AM      james
    i thought that i could never cheer for minnesota, but i was proven wrong this weekend. when minnesota recovered the onside kick against michigan, i wanted them to beat michigan perhaps as much as i've ever wanted any team to win.

    michigan is not a good football team. that "6" next to their name should be a "16."

    and i really can't figure out why lloyd carr still has a job.  
    #  October 1st, 2006 11:02 AM      themandownthehall
    James, as I said before, I think UM might be a bit overrated at 6. But to say they're not a good team??? Wow, I think Notre Dame would argue that. Maybe when we beat Ohio State this year you'll believe. (As will I :) )Oh, and Lloyd Carr still has a job because he brought UM their first football national title in decades, has a major winning record against top 10 and top 5 teams.

    Don't read too much into Ohio States big win. They are a great team, yes, but the fact is Ohio State owns Iowa. They always kill them badly. That's what I based that prediction on.

    UM - OSU will hopefully be unbeaten and play for a title game slot.

    Have a good week everyone! Pro's on today! MNF on tomorrow! I love the fall.  
    #  October 1st, 2006 11:15 AM      james
    themandownthehall, i feel like they were lucky to beat wisconsin - the score doesn't show how close the game was. wisconsin dominated the first half of that game. they made so many errors it's a wonder that they managed to win at all.

    then yesterday at minnesota, while i didnt see the whole game, i saw the gophers march down the field and score largely uncontested. then a stupid error on special teams allowed the gophers to recover and to again march down the field.

    remember, neither wisconsin nor minnesota is ranked. you play those games over again 10 times apiece and i think michgan wins 60% of the time, maybe 70.

    perhaps it's not fair to say that they're "not good," but what i think i mean is that they're not "_michigan_ good." i think that there are at least 15 teams out there that would beat them right now, osu included. i know they've got a pretty easy schedule until then, but it will really surprise me if michigan is still undefeated when they play that game.  
    #  October 1st, 2006 11:48 AM      kris
    Looking at the upcoming schedules for the Big Ten contenders, things could get interesting:

    Week 6: Purdue
    Week 7: at Indiana
    Week 8: at Michigan
    Week 9: Northern Illinois
    Week 10: Northwestern
    Week 11: Wisconsin
    Week 12: at Minnesota

    Week 6: Michigan State
    Week 7: at Penn State
    Week 8: Iowa
    Week 9: Northwestern
    Week 10: Ball State
    Week 11: at Indiana
    Week 12: at Ohio State

    Ohio State
    Week 6: Bowling Green
    Week 7: at Michigan State
    Week 8: Indiana
    Week 9: Minnesota
    Week 10: at Illinois
    Week 11: at Northwestern
    Week 12: Michigan

    Penn State
    Week 6: at Minnesota
    Week 7: Michigan
    Week 8: Illinois
    Week 9: at Purdue
    Week 10: at Wisconsin
    Week 11: Temple
    Week 12: Michigan State

    Week 6: at Iowa
    Week 7: at Northwestern
    Week 8: Wisconsin
    Week 9: Penn State
    Week 10: at Michigan State
    Week 11: at Illinois
    Week 12: Indiana

    Week 6: Northwestern
    Week 7: Minnesota
    Week 8: at Purdue
    Week 9: Illinois
    Week 10: Penn State
    Week 11: at Iowa
    Week 12: Buffalo

    Purdue doesn't play Michigan OR Ohio State this year and they get Penn State and Wisconsin at home. Unless they lose at Iowa next week, they could easily be unbeaten in the Big Ten.

    Ohio State also has it pretty easy from here until Week 12. It would be shocking if they they're not unbeaten going into the Michigan game. Michigan, on the other hand, still has to play Penn State and Iowa. I think Michigan is much better than James does, but I could still see them dropping a game.

    The crazy scenario is that Michigan beats an unbeaten #1 Ohio State who then are left out of the National Championship game AND the Rose Bowl because Purdue is unbeaten in conference. Heh.  
    #  October 1st, 2006 1:35 PM      themandownthehall
    James, I think there was a small let down against Wisconsin. Remember, that emotional win the week before against ND. It only lasted a half game. They racked up 17 unanswered after they got the halftime butt chewing. Wisconsin got an "oh, by the way" field goal with 2:29 remaining.

    As for Minnesota, if you joined in the 4th quarter, that means 1, you were out doing something until about 11 and thus have a life that is much more exciting than mine and 2, you missed Michigan basically doing what they wanted for the first 3 quarters. They pulled a 14 point lead and then sat on it. Not what I would have wanted, but at no time did Minnesota really have much of a say in the game. ESPN's top 25 recap said it was over less than a minute into the second quarter. I'd agree with that.

    They still have MSU, PSU and Iowa coming up. MSU is supposed to be a rivalry game, but MSU is pulling their annual plummet after a heartbreaking loss routine and PSU, who usually plays us tough looks to be in 2004-2005 form and not last years form. Iowa stands the best chance of knocking UM off as they always give them fits.

    Looking at the top 10, I would say that UM would beat Auburn, West Va, Florida, Texas, GA, LSU. So Cal and Loiusville would be 50/50. OSU is a 40/60 at this time.

    My top rankings:

    1. OSU - UM can beat them, but they are the top team until they lose.
    2. USC - Pete Carroll. 'Nuff said.
    3. Louisville - very underrated.
    4. Georgia - seeming to get every bounce and break
    5. WVU - tough, but not tested. Talk to me in December about them
    6. Oklahoma - need to get over the bad calls. They had a FG to win that game and blew it. They need to take it out on everyone else they play.
    7. Oregon - Breaks against Oklahoma do not mean they are a bad team.
    8. Michigan - Could beat everyone above, but how good they are will not be known until Nov 18...
    9. Florida - Way overrated. Even at 9
    10. Auburn- you have to beat South Carolina and LSU by more than you did to get that #3 rating.

    I feel comfortable with all the above except WVU. They haven't and really don't play anyone execept Louisville. But for now, I'll give the benefit of a doubt. I watched the WVU-MD game and it was a complete blowout.

    I love the fall. College football debates, pro football, hockey starting, life is so very good.  
    #  October 2nd, 2006 8:41 PM      REV
    - Mizzou 5-0!!! Watch out Big 10...we're passing you!  
    #  October 6th, 2006 3:21 PM      REV
    - Well, that cinhes it! Mizzou wont win a game the rest of the year! SI put MU on the cover saying "5-0!"...the SI curse will banish MU to the relics heap!  



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