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  • TNR Charges Ron Paul as having Paranoid, Racist and Bigoted Past

       January 08, 2008

    Today, The New Republic published a damning expose of what they call Ron Paul's bigoted past. As evidence, the author cites hundreds of newsletters circulated by Paul throughout his career. Filled with racist statements and paranoid ramblings, the recently unearthed publications may spell the end of his 2008 campaign.

    Some excerpts.

    On Blacks:

    “[O]ur country is being destroyed by a group of actual and potential terrorists—and they can be identified by the color of their skin.”

    “Korean-Americans, hated by blacks, never riot, and in fact are some of the most productive people in America (the reason for black hatred).”

    On the "Coming Race War"

    .... a newsletter warned of "The Coming Race War," and, in November 1990, an item advised readers, "If you live in a major city, and can leave, do so. If not, but you can have a rural retreat, for investment and refuge, buy it."

    In June 1991, an entry on racial disturbances in Washington, DC's Adams Morgan neighborhood was titled, "Animals Take Over the D.C. Zoo." "This is only the first skirmish in the race war of the 1990s," the newsletter predicted. In an October 1992 item about urban crime, the newsletter's author--presumably Paul--wrote, "I've urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming." That same year, a newsletter described the aftermath of a basketball game in which "blacks poured into the streets of Chicago in celebration. How to celebrate? How else? They broke the windows of stores to loot."

    “Two years ago, in a series of predictions for the 1990s, I said that race riots would erupt in our large cities. I’m now predicting this will be the major problem of the 1990s.

    The campaign's response leaves a lot to be desired - they say that Ron Paul didn't personally approve all of the content in the newsletter bearing his name ("The Ron Paul Political Report," "The Ron Paul Survival Report"), and the he therefore doesn't necessarily agree with everything that was said.

    It's hard to believe that, over the course of the many years that the various publications ran, Ron Paul was none the wiser. But whether Ron Paul agrees with the statements or not may not matter. He has, if nothing else, shown a bizarre willingness to let others use his likeness to promote whatever personal cause they wish. He may call it "libertarianism," but I have a hard time seeing it as anything other than classic pandering or tacit approval.

    Posted by jkhat at January 8, 2008 02:51 PM

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    #  January 8th, 2008 4:09 PM      kris
    What really sucks is that there is a LOT that Paul is right about. What revelations like this do is further push EVERYONE with libertarian leanings to the fringe. Now the GOP establishment has a ready excuse to ignore those who don't want the party to be about big government and big religion. Oh goody.
    #  January 8th, 2008 6:25 PM      james
    dale carpenter @ volokh:

    Whether Ron Paul actually wrote the material, endorsed but did not write it, or was simply negligent in allowing it to appear in a newsletter bearing his name, he bears heavy responsibility for it. Self-serving disclaimers now, in the middle of a presidential campaign, aren't terribly convincing. Even if he has since changed his views about the material in his newsletters, they seriously call into question his judgment. He was, after all, an adult and had even served in Congress when this material appeared. He has at worst endorsed, and at best coddled, some of the most base impulses in American politics.

    Paul has fringe supporters who won't be troubled by what's in the newsletters or who will turn cartwheels to excuse it in some way. But many well-meaning people have endorsed Paul as a refreshing alternative to what they see as stale and mealy-mouthed politicians and to big government run amok — whether in Iraq, in taxes, in spending, or in regulation. The moral challenge for these prominent and responsible Paul supporters now is to repudiate his candidacy.

    i agree. in fact, the mob-run-amok over there & paul's refusal to distance himself from the nutjobs led me to do exactly that, a little over a week ago.  
    #  January 8th, 2008 7:16 PM      Squibbly
    I feel like the voter without a candidate.  
    #  January 9th, 2008 7:04 AM      themandownthehall
    A bigger problem is that this just about wraps up the election for Hilary/Barak. Ron Paul may have been a libertarian but now he is a full fledged mainstream "typical" republican. Every report will breathlessly report how this "mainstream" republican was just a closet racist like the rest of them.

    Thanks Ron.  



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