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  • Wisconsin politics as The Young and the Restless

       March 09, 2011

    The CBS soap, "The Young and the Restless" takes place in Genoa City, Wisconsin. As such, the state often has a cameo on the show, as Milwaukee Brewers visit the Jabot Cosmetics offices or characters go up to Madison for business. They even had one character, "Smilin'" Jack Abbot, unsuccessfully run for the State Senate.

    Lately, the show's main character, Victor Newman, has been embroiled in a conflict with his children over his illegal mismanagement of their trust funds. It's not too difficult to see the parallels in this fictional story to what's currently happening in Wisconsin.

    And, it's also fun to make tables!

    Y&R CharacterWisconsin Character

    Victor Newman: Ruthless builder of Newman Enterprises. He's an arrogant prick, but he's also a self-made billionaire who always comes out on top. His enemies often refer to him as "Mr. Mustache".

    Governor Scott Walker: He's either an evil, arrogant prick or a courageous, forward-thinking reformer. His enemies often refer to him as Hitler, who had a mustache.

    Newman kids: Victoria, Nick and Abbey are either the victims of Victor's ruthless arrogance or a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats looking for a piece of a pie they had no hand in baking.

    Public unions: They're either protecting Wisconsin workers against the ruthless policies of Walker or protecting their own generous benefits.

    Neil Winters: Victor's long-suffering top executive who is caught between his loyalty to Victor and doing the right thing.

    Wisconsin voters: caught between our innate sense of fairness and concerns about budget realities.

    Michael Baldwin: Victor's lawyer is just doing his job, but is he also to blame for Victor's unpopular decisions?

    Koch Brothers: Wealthy evil masterminds, or just really rich people you disagree with?

    Adam Newman: Victor's black sheep son is currently on the run trying to save his love interest, Sharon.

    14 Senators: On the run in Illinois to save the interests of public employees.

    Sharon Newman: She's constantly involved in the lives of all of the Newmans and is something of a drama queen.

    Protesters: While, like Sharon, they've got some legitimate beefs with the man, they're also fond of a little hyperbole.

    Phyllis Summers: Phyllis is the ultimate instigator and troublemaker.

    The Media: Rather than examining the issues in Wisconsin, the media seems to more keen on sensationalizing everything.

    Nikki Newman: Victor's ex-wife is pretty removed from the current plotline and frankly, seems a bit relieved to be out of it (Tuesday's gross barn sex excluded).

    Jim Doyle: You think Wisconsin's former Governor Jim Doyle is happy to be out of office right about now?

    Mrs. Chancellor: The grand dame of Genoa City could probably cut through all of the Newman crap in about 5 minutes if she wanted to get involved. She's a crusty old gal, but everyone still kind of likes her - drinking problem and all.

    Tommy Thompson: The former Governor still commands respect from both the left and the right - even after that drunken performance at Lambeau Field back in 1997.

    Jack Abbott: He's Victor's longtime nemesis. He can be just as ruthless and arrogant as Victor when he thinks he's right, but he does it with a smile, so the fans love him a little more. Plus, Jack frequently doesn't win.

    Russ Feingold: It's very easy to picture former Senator Russ Feingold as the handsome, friendly opponent to Walker in some upcoming election, isn't it?

    John Abbott: Jack's deceased saintly father is beloved in Genoa City for running his life and business the right way.

    "Fighting" Bob LaFollette is still beloved in Wisconsin as the father of the Progressive moment.

    Esther Valentine: Mrs. Chancellor's maid is perhaps the most annoying character on The Young and the Restless.

    Facebook: Its place as political platform is perhaps the most annoying aspect of Wisconsin's budget conflict.

    So there you have it. As is often the case, reality isn't that far from fiction after all.

    Posted by kris at March 9, 2011 12:28 PM

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    #  March 9th, 2011 11:45 AM      cherlynda
    Good one..and that must have been fun.  



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