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  • July 31, 2004

    Frenchman Interrogation Tools Uncovered

    [Posted by james]

    As we reported earlier on The Daily Page, two Frenchmen are alleging that they were abused during their 2 year detention in a military prison at Guantanamo Bay, saying of their experience, "We have emerged from hell." Said one of the imprisoned French terrorists:

    '"bizarre" medicines had been given to inmates at night and [sic] one caused some prisoners to break out in spots." He gave no other details.

    As you well know, we here at Dummocrats take allegations of human rights violations very seriously; that is why, upon hearing about these allegations, we immediately launched an investigation and dispatched our ace reporting staff to Paris, France, where they met with the former detainees (read: terrorist assholes) to get "'the rest of the story."

    We wanted to know, just what were these "bizzare medicines" that were given to these unfortunate souls, and why isn’t the media talking about it? I'm happy to report that we've broken the story. I'm sure that Drudge will probably pick this up and it'll go mainstream, so, remember, you read it here first.

    Frenchman Interrogation Agent Number One

    This nasty substance, code-named "soap" by top government officials, has been an effective Frenchman interrogation tool throughout much of the 20th century. However, as with most tools of war, this is not your grandfather's "soap." As is plainly indicated by the "2000" designation, this heavy-duty product is definitely a weapon for the 21st century. "Because Frenchmen have increased their dirtyness over the years, we've had to come up with more effective tools," said a top-government official who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. "1950-era soap has little or no effect on the Frenchman of today; he's developed an unbelieveably high tolerance."

    Frenchman Interrogation Agent Number Two

    This is a particularly nasty form of the "soap" interrogation tool listed above is similar, but comes in a liquid form. "Often, it's hard to get close enough to the Frenchman to use the bar form of the soap," said the same top-government official." "We're able to use this liquid form in conjuction with our state of the art laser guided soap delivering tools (see exclusive photo below) to achieve the same positive effect with minimal risk to the olfactory senses of American soldiers."

    Top-secret photo of state of the art laser guided soap delivering tool, used in conjuction with liquid form of "soap" formula, above. Image taken without permission of the US Government by a top-secret Russian satellite passing over Cuba.
    Frenchman Interrogation Agent Number Three

    When the interrogations get tough, the tough pull out this tool, called a "toothbrush" by many in the military. While we were unable to get an official confirmation as to what exactly this nasty device is used for, rumor has it that it is used in conjunction with a paste-like substance to leave the victim's teeth "fresh, minty, and clean." Suffice it say, the government's continued silence on the topic speaks volumes. Note the cross-action of the bristles in the zoomed in portion of the image - the angle of each bristle is allegedly carefully chosen by top-Army scientists to ensure the maximum, "hell on earth" minty-effect, and at least one source tells us that the different colors of the bristles are a top-secret state-of-the-art technology that lets an Army interrogator know when its time to switch to a new tool, thus ensuring the maximum "hell-like" effect.

    Rumors abound about semi-automatic or automatic versions of this hellish tool, but we've been unable to confirm these reports. However, we were able to hire a police sketch artist to reproduce what this tool is alleged to look like.

    Artist's rendition of alleged "semi-automatic" version of "toothbrush" tool

    Frenchman Interrogation Agent Number Four

    We are unsure of what this strange looking product labelled "ban" is used for, but we're told that it's applied to the underarms of detainees twice a day. We suspect that it is a time-released chemical of some sort, and the fact that it "goes on clear" leads us to believe that it is often secretly applied. Supporting this conclusion are rumors of another similar device called only "Secret." It's rumored that this "Secret" is similar to "Ban" in that it is "strong enough for a man," but different in that it is "pH balanced for a woman." Clearly, this nightmarish tool works by supplying some sort of chemical transdermally, and the fact that different versions are needed for men and women seems to indicate that it is hormone-related.

    Needless to say, we are mortified that this sort of interrogation is going on in America! (err, make that Cuba. -Ed.) Remember, just like Abu Ghirab was entirely the fault of President George W. Bush, so is this human rights disaster. Frenchmen should not be subjected to these terrible tools of torture! So on November 2, vote for the only candidate that promises to get the permission of every foreign leader, every domestic leader, every special interest group, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson before subjecting foreigners, particularly French terrorist asshole foreigners, to this nightmare in the future.


    Posted by jkhat at 05:15 PM | Comments (0)


    July 30, 2004

    Jimmy Carter had his rabbit story...

    [Posted by james]

    Allah Pundit hits a grand slam with the his latest, which Ace dubs "The Hamster Whisperer."

    From the NYT:

    Alexandra Kerry's Remarks to the Democratic National Convention
    We were standing on a dock waiting for a boat to take us on a summer trip. Vanessa, the scientist, had packed all her animals including her favorite hamster. Our over-zealous golden retriever got tangled in his leash and knocked the hamster cage off the dock. We watched as Licorice, the unlucky hamster bubbled down to a watery doom. That might have been the end of the story. But my dad jumped in, grabbed an oar, fished the cage from the water, hunched over the soggy hamster and began to administer CPR. There were some reports of mouth-to-mouth, but, I admit that’s probably a trick of memory. He was never quite right after that, but Licorice lived. Like I said, it may sound silly. We still laugh about it today. But, to us it was serious and that’s what mattered to my father.

    Posted by jkhat at 11:37 PM | Comments (0)


    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Captured? (Part Deux)

    [Posted by james]

    Kuwaiti Newspaper Al Bawaba is reporting that Abu Musab Zarqawi has been captured near the Syrian border.

    This is the second time this story has broken in the last 24 hours; yesterday, we reported that a Russian newspaper was claiming the same. That report was later retracted by the paper.

    I don't know which is more reliable, a Kuwaiti paper or a Russian paper - it's probably a horse apiece. But the fact that there are two reports in two separate unreputable news sources makes it at least a little more likely, doesn't it?

    Posted by jkhat at 07:04 PM | Comments (5)


    Welcome to 1960

    [Posted by james]

    South End Grounds hits the nail on the head with this astute wrapup of the DNC.

    In the major speeches that most Americans had a chance to see (Carter, both Clintons, John Edwards, Gore, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Barack Obama, Max Cleland and Kerry), Viet Nam was mentioned by name 17 times. That is in addition to the introductions of Kerry's shipmates and the hefty emphasis on Viet Nam in the introductory video. It would be easy to forget that he protested the war. Coversely, The organization that instigated the War on Terror, Al Qaeda, was mentioned by name a mere three times, twice in the same breath by Al Gore.

    If someone from Mars landed here just to watch this convention, they might easily believe that we are currently engaged in combat in Southeast Asia and that the War on Terror is a distant memory. This was a convention dominated by people living in a bygone era, more concerned with the war protests they waged in the '60s than the battle we are presently fighting. They dwell on the past and have no vision for the future.

    That's a great observation. I almost missed it, too, because I was in such shock that he was able to make it through every major speech - I gave up on the first day.

    Posted by jkhat at 05:32 PM | Comments (0)


    July 29, 2004

    Kerry Speaks, I don't care

    [Posted by james]

    Remember the 1976 RNC convention, where the Republicans nominated President Ford instead of Ronald Reagan? After seeing Reagan's acquiesence speech, and after seeing Gerry Ford's acceptance speech, many RNC delegates sent their palms forehead-ward and bemused "we nominated the wrong guy!"

    Hasn't that just happened again? I know, it's a bit different now, because these days, the candidate is already chosen before the convention begins. But still, don't you get the feeling that DNC stalwarts are thinking the same thing? That they nominated the wrong guy?


    So we know that there is a story there. Balloons failed.


    Posted by jkhat at 10:29 PM | Comments (0)


    Terrorists Captured, Lefties Ponder the Timing

    [Posted by ]

    Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, suspected in the bombings of the US Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania was captured in Pakistan today.

    Upon hearing the news, my first thought was, "great!". My second thought was to wonder how long it would be before some crazy liberal would question the timing.

    I challenged Hat to a race to see who could find such questioning the fastest. It wasn't even close ;-). It took me about a minute to find a thread on the Democratic Underground. Now, granted, this isn't as looney as it could be, but it's early. Give them time.

    How telling is it that when a horrible murderer is captured, the left can only bemoan the timing? Hmmm, it's almost as if the left is rooting for our enemies. Nah, couldn't be.

    Posted by at 04:16 PM | Comments (0)


    Iraq now an Al-Qaeda battleground. And why is this bad?

    [Posted by ]

    A British parliamentary committee says that the US-led coalition's failure to restore security has turned Iraq into a battleground for the likes of Al-Qaeda.

    The report states that "Iraq has become a 'battleground' for Al-Qaeda, with appalling consequences for the Iraqi people." and that the the coalition created a vacuum that militants, terrorists and criminals have stepped into.

    While I'll agree that it's too bad for the Iraqi people (although still better than living under Saddam), is it a bad thing to create such a vaccum in Iraq? If instead of searching for al-Qaeda like a needle in a haystack in Afghanistan and beyond, they are coming to us in Iraq, that's actually a very good thing. The fact of the matter is that if we can confront terrorists head to head we will defeat them. We have overwhelming military might.

    This isn't an unheard-of military strategy. I guess this committee overloooked that in their haste to criticize America. Oh well, at least they have lots of company.

    Posted by at 01:01 PM | Comments (0)


    Would You Want To Have A Beer With John Kerry (and does it matter)?

    [Posted by ]

    Bill Wineke at the Wisconsin State Journal has some advice and a theory:

    Here's what I would like to see John Kerry say tonight:

    "I don't want to have a beer with you, either."

    For some reason, the gold standard of measuring a candidate for high office these days is the beer test: Would you want to go out and have a beer with this guy?

    Under that standard, we elected Bill Clinton rather than George H.W. Bush. Under that standard, we elected George W. Bush, rather than Al Gore.

    I think his theory is right, but his advice is wrong. When we vote for President, we're voting for someone to represent us to the world, we're not just voting for a policy wonk. Personality matters. But not because we're stupid & shallow, but rather because who the President is, beyond his or her ideas, is the face of America to the world. And America, like it or not, is a beer drinker's country.

    Naturally, we want they face to be someone like us. And please, don't play the race card with that statement. We're all smarter than that. I feel a far stronger bond with someone like Herman Cain than I do with Hillary Clinton. The problem for Kerry is that he's not like us. He holds himself in a world that the average American cannot relate to. Likewise, I wouldn't expect Kerry to be able to relate to the average American. Unfortunately for him, that skill is a prerequisite to the position of President.

    I wholeheartedly believe that , indeed, John Kerry wouldn't want to have a beer with me. He doesn't need to say it tonight because his actions make it obvious. On November 2nd, I plan to make it obvious I wouldn't want to have a beer with him either.


    Posted by at 12:48 PM | Comments (0)


    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Captured?

    [Posted by james]

    Ok, HUGE disclaimer on this one: Russian news agency RIA Novosti is reporting that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was arrested in Iraq. Keep in mind that Russian news is frequently wrong, and that no other news outlet is carrying this story. So take it for what it's worth, which may be nothing at all.

    Since the news site hosting this story seems to have falled off the internet, (or has been farked by fark posting this link to them, we've reprinted the story below.

    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the "wild card" in US pack of wanted men, has reportedly been arrested in Western Iraq. Photo by AFP Top news: 29 July 2004, Thursday.

    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, head of the group suspected of beheading two Bulgarian hostages, has reportedly been arrested in Western Iraq.

    Al-Zarqawi has been arrested by Iraqi police and US military close to the border with Syria, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported, citing information posted on the Internet.

    Zarqawi was dressed in a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Reports claim that he didn't oppose the arrest.

    A blood sample has been sent to Baghdad for DNA tests.

    A group linked to Zarqawi is suspected of carrying out a wave of attacks in late June that killed more than 100 people and injured hundreds more in attacks in five Iraqi cities.

    Zarqawi is also said to have been involved in the beheading of an American contractor, Nick Berg, shown on a video released on 11 May.

    In 2003, he was named as the brains behind a series of lethal bombings - from Casablanca in Morocco to Istanbul in Turkey.

    The US is now offering a USD 25 M reward for the capture of Zarqawi, the "wild card" in its pack of wanted men.

    The remains of one of the Bulgarian hostages, Georgi Lazov, killed by the Zarqawi's terrorists have been transported back home early on Thursday.

    The 30-year old Bulgarian truck driver Lazov and his colleague Ivaylo Kepov, 32, were abducted June 29 near the northern city of Mosul. A group affiliated with al-Zarqawi said it kidnapped the Bulgarians and demanded Iraqi detainees be released in exchange for their lives. The group later sent a tape to Al-Jazeera television that showed Lazov being killed. His death was officially confirmed July 22.

    Kepov's fate is still not clear though Bulgarian media cited an Iraqi official who said that the Bulgarian is dead and his body has been found. Bulgaria's authorities have not been able to confirm Kepov's death.

    This would, of course, be fantastic news for the GOP. If true, it will break on the same day that John Kerry is supposed to accept the nomination, leading to more ridiculous allegations of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    Posted by jkhat at 10:10 AM | Comments (0)


    July 28, 2004

    Keep Hope Alive

    [Posted by ]

    For all you bloggers who haven't yet received your RNC invitation, there's still hope. The AP reports that Republican convention spokesman Leonardo Alcivar said they expect to invite 10-20 bloggers to the convention. And, "Though Alcivar said he did not know how many bloggers got invitations this week, he expected additional ones will be invited based on how many accept by Thursday."

    So, just a reminder to our friends in the GOP:

    James @
    Kris @

    We'll both vote in Wisconsin, a HUGE battleground state. I'm sure the convention needs voices from the heartland, right?

    Posted by at 11:52 AM | Comments (0)


    Dummocrats, Killer Bunnies & Wictory Wednesday!

    [Posted by ]

    In 1979, President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a killer rabbit while fishing in Georgia. A press account said the rabbit was "hissing menacingly, its teeth flashing and nostrils flared and making straight for the president."

    The incident rightly helped paint Carter as an ineffectual leader. Now, 25 years later, the Dems are falling prey to wascally wabbits again. Pictures like the one below could very well be the downfall of John Kerry. And not a moment too soon.

    But, we humans can't place our future in the paws of rabbits. We need to donate our time and our money to the campaign.

    Let's say you're some kind of loner (cowboy if you will) Republican and you don't want to get involved to those degrees. That's fine. You can still do your part. Get a bumper sticker. Get a yard sign. Make your support public. Too often the liberals among us assume that everyone agrees with them except "extremists". Don't forget that at least half of the country feels the way we do. Don't be afraid to show it.

    And, we need to keep up the great work as the Truth Squad debunking liberal lies and distortions this week. Check out the sites below for their take on brouhaha in Boston.

    Posted by at 08:49 AM | Comments (0)


    July 27, 2004

    Flip-Flops on Fox News Live July 28 at 11:45 am EDT

    [Posted by james]

    From the College Republican National Committee:

    The John Kerry "Flip-Flops," which are two seven-foot tall foam costumes, made their way to Boston this week for the DNC Convention and were the talk of the town, making news everywhere in demonstration of Kerry's lack of conviction on key issues and sustained President Bush's strong leadership of America.

    See the Flip-Flop's popularity as they will be interviewed on Fox News Live tomorrow at 11:45 am EDT, spreading the conservative message of college students.

    The Flip-Flops, who joined in the protest with four 10-foot tall cardboard flip-flops held by Massachusetts CR's, have been featured in several national publications this week, including this excerpt in an article from the National Review Online by John Cullinan.

    "First prize for the cleverest performance art goes to a plucky band of college Republicans occupying a strategic traffic island en route to the Fleet Center. To call attention to Kerry's flip-flopping, these intrepid activists had constructed ? what else? ? eight-foot-tall flip-flops from DayGlo foam rubber, complete with holes for head and hands, allowing a lively exchange of views with passing DNC types. Hats off to this committed, personable, and necessarily thick-skinned bunch!"

    For the full article, go to

    Posted by jkhat at 08:55 PM | Comments (0)


    Conspiracy Alert - This time it's NASA

    [Posted by james]

    Breaking on Drudge:


    "Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill claims 'dirty tricks' by NASA after it released 'unauthorized' photographs showing the Dem presidential hopeful dressed in a space suit crawling through a rocket hatch."

    Here we go again. A scant 6 days ago we reported on an alleged GOP conspiracy related to the "leak" of the Sandy Burglar allegations. The always at it Dems have now (surprise, surprise) alleged yet another conspiracy, this one originating from deep within the dirty dark underworld of NASA. No, it wasn't John Kerry himself that dressed up in that ridiculous looking costume and smiled for the cameras.

    This party has gotten way beyond ridiculous. I almost feel sorry for running a site that pokes fun at them. I feel like I'm cruelly picking on the retarded kid that can't help himself.

    UPDATE: Drudge has a story on it now. Excerpt:

    HUME: so the campaign had no idea there would be any photographs.

    CAHILL: none.

    What? So this isn't Kerry et al posing for a photograph?


    Posted by jkhat at 07:00 PM | Comments (2)


    RNC Invitees

    [Posted by james]

    Blogs for Bush has been invited to the RNC. so has Slant Point. so has Wizbang. so has Captain Ed. So has A Small Victory.

    Congrats to all!

    And to everyone else, If you haven't been invited yet, don't get too discouraged - I'm sure that they're not finished sending out invites; We haven't received ours yet either. We'll let ya know when we do.

    james -at- (Washington, DC)
    kris -at- (Wisconsin, a very important swing state)


    Posted by jkhat at 11:57 AM | Comments (5)


    July 26, 2004

    More DNC Notes

    [Posted by ]

    After Hat stepped away halfway through Carter, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I lasted for all of Hillary. I'm calling her Hillary the Hawk. She was clearly campaigning for herself in 2008 and trying to position herself as some kind of liberal Margaret Thatcher.

    It's about 3/4 of the way (I'd hope) through Bill and, good readers, I'm afraid I can't do this anymore. I'm seriously worried about my mental (and dental---from all the teeth clenching) health. While Bill was charming, he lost me when he tried to claim that Bush and the Republicans alone were against signing Kyoto and allowing Americans to be under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. It makes a nice sound bite and I don't expect the national media to dispute it, but those are lies, plain and simple. And, I don't want to even get into his distorted take on tax cuts.

    The fact is, I expect this kind of rhetoric at a convention. I just shouldn't have expected to be able to stand it without wanting to throw up.

    No more convention coverage from me. I'm spent.

    Posted by at 10:06 PM | Comments (1)


    Ann Unleashed

    [Posted by ]

    USA Today hired conservative firebrand Ann Coulter to cover the DNC. Apparently they did so without ever having read one of her columns. Ms. Coulter turned in her first piece and USA Today promptly refused to publish it. Now, if she was a liberal you can be sure we'd have dozens of washed up rock stars and Michael Moore screaming "censorship!!" and "1st Amendment".

    While I respect USA Today's right to publish what they want, I think they're just incredibly stupid. How could they not know what to expect from Coulter? Clearly, someone hired her without even the most elementary knowledge of her writing style. Is this how liberals run a business?

    So anyway, Coulter's column is up on her website and it's a beauty. I sincerely wish thousands and thousands of business travelers could have had their coffee with it this morning. In fact, I love it so much that I have to post a few excerpts.

    Coulter claims she can tell right away who her fellow conservatives lurking at the DNC are. They have cross or flag pins, they're the cops and the pretty girls. Why the pretty girls?

    As for the pretty girls, I can only guess that it's because liberal boys never try to make a move on you without the UN Security Council's approval. Plus, it's no fun riding around in those dinky little hybrid cars. My pretty-girl allies stick out like a sore thumb amongst the corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons they call "women" at the Democratic National Convention.

    On the Democratic way of "supporting our troops":

    The nuts in the cages are virtual Bertrand Russells compared to the official speakers at the Democratic Convention. On the basis of their placards, I gather the caged-nut position is that they love the troops so much, they don't want them to get hurt defending America from terrorist attack. Support the troops, the signs say, bring them home.

    That's my new position on all government workers, except the 5% who aren't useless, which is to say cops, prosecutors, firemen and U.S. servicemen. I love bureaucrats at the National Endowment of the Arts funding crucifixes submerged in urine so much -- I think they should go home. I love public school teachers punishing any mention of God and banning Christmas songs so much -- I think they should go home.

    Oh man, I don't support all of Coulter's positions, but you just gotta love someone who starts a column by refering to this week's event as the "Spawn of Satan convention".

    Of course, liberals will whine about these nasty Republicans. And of course, they will put on a good face in front of the TVs this week. But, rest assured, in the halls and backrooms of the convention, Bush=Hitler, conservatives=digital brownshirts and France=our ally.

    Posted by at 09:25 PM | Comments (0)


    DNC notes

    [Posted by james]

    Ok, I've had about all of the DNC that I can handle, so I'm done. I made it halfway through President Carter.

    Some observations:

    1) On CNN, I caught the announcers talking about the "blog buzz" generated by Gore's speech. A scant 10 mins after he was finished talking, these yahoos were up there saying "We're getting an overwhelmingly positive response from the blogosphere, from all over the world, blah blah blah...." Yeah, right. CNN, "the only station that has ever anchored from the floor of the DNC," expects us to believe that 10 mins after Gore spoke, the whole world hopped onto the internet and started pecking away at their keyboards, all to praise Gore's ridiculous "sour grapes" speech. Whatever. Now you know why the DNC made such a big deal about their inviting bloggers to the convention - so they could go on TV and make it look like they have a huge Howard Dean-style grass-roots support base. Guess what bloggers? As Ashton Kutcher would say, "You got PUNK'D!"

    2. Not a single camera shot of the audience doesn't have a black person in it. You think I'm kidding? Talk about playing the race card. The DNC is trying hard as hell to look like the "party of diversity," and why? You've really got to think about that. It's certianly not to attract the Black vote - Blacks overwhelmingly vote Democrat, by something like 95%. Wake up, Black America. These tools are using you as pawns to further their own racist agenda.

    Posted by jkhat at 08:18 PM | Comments (1)


    Journeys with John

    [Posted by james]

    Why is John Kerry wrong for your state? has a neat little flash thingy that will tell you.

    The interactive application is a neat idea, but I have one suggestion for the flash gurus over there:

    When you click on "Wisconsin," it probably shouldn't say "The Illinois Facts."

    Those of you not lucky enough to be from the Dairy State may not know this, but Wisconsinites are not too keen on their flatlander breatheren to the south. In fact, they've even developed a series of cute little nicknames for them, ranging from the common FIB to slightly-less-common FISHTAB.

    Anyway, my point is : As the campaign staff is well aware, Bush lost Wisconsin by about 5,000 votes last time. Insulting the good people of Wisconsin by confusing them with the Illini is not the way to make up that deficit.

    You think I'm kidding, and I am, for the most part. But there is also a serious streak to what I say. Both campaigns are spending a lot of money to try to look "in touch" with the people. They're duking it out for the so called "swing voter." These "swing voter" people change their minds faster than John Kerry flips to a flop, usually based on a lot less than a simple mix up like this.

    5,000 votes.

    Posted by jkhat at 02:23 PM | Comments (1)


    Hornets' Nest

    [Posted by james]

    We've got Ms. Heinz-hyphen-Kerry opining that the world is more dangerous because the US toppled a dangerous and oppressive dictatorship in Iraq, and we've got Sandy Burglar Berger saying that "We've unilaterally invaded Iraq and stirred up a hornets' nest, which has created turmoil around the world."

    OK, let's go with this hornet nest analogy. If there is a hornets' nest hanging in your shed, and the hornets fly over every so often and sting your children as they play in the backyard, what do you do about it? Do you appease the hornets by putting up nets to catch them before they get to your children? Do you tell your children that its their fault that the hornets sting them, and tell them to play elsewhere? Do you build little bubble-containment units for your guests to wear so that the hornets can't get to them?

    Or do you get yourself some bug spray and a broom and take care of the problem? Sure, when you initially tackle the problem you might get stung a few times. But isn't that better than making your children live in fear of the hornets? Isn't that better than allowing the hornets to inflict 10 times as many stings over the coming years? Isn't that better than allowing the hornets nest to grow, until it gets so big that you're unable to do anything about it, even if your pansey-ass wanted to?

    I really think that modern Democrats would take the personal bubble approach. I can hear them now....

    "Hornets have just as much a right to be in the yard as we do!"

    "Not all hornets are going to sting you. That's Hornet Profiling!"

    Democrats, what have you let these nutjobs do to your party?

    Posted by jkhat at 12:32 PM | Comments (0)


    Liberals already infiltrating Iraq's new government

    [Posted by james]

    I don't want to make too big of a deal out of this, but it strikes me that Bakhtiar Amin, Iraq's human rights minister, may be focusing on the wrong aspects of Saddam's past:

    "[Saddam] is looking after a few bushes and shrubs and has even placed a circle of white stones around a small palm tree," said Mr Amin, a Kurd from Kirkuk, who is the first member of Iraq's new interim government to visit Saddam. "His apparent care for his surroundings is ironic when you think he was responsible for one of the biggest ecocides when he drained the southern marshes."

    First and foremost, I think that Saddam's history as one who commited numerous acts of genocide is much more relevant. But I'm willing to give Mr. Amin the benefit of the doubt on this one and chalk the inclusion of this phrase up to selective media reporting.

    What I find much more disturbing is the fact that non-native English speakers are apparently under the impression that Ecocide is an actual English word. First, it isn't even in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, nor should it be, for "ecocide" is a made-up word, invented by whack-job left wingers that are trying to liken the "destruction" of an environment to a mass extinction or genocide of people. The term in and of itself is more inaccurate and disrespectful than I have words to describe; if you have trouble understanding that, just try explaining to a Holocaust survivor that draining a marsh causes the cattails the same amount of suffering as did the gassing of the Jews in WWII.

    What, did Greenpeace get a say in picking members of the new Iraqi government?

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    Clinton Conundrum

    [Posted by ]

    The Clintons face quite a conundrum tonight. With Hillary looking to 2008, they desperately don't want Kerry/Edwards to win. Yet, at the same time, they can't be so obvious about it as to piss off their Dem base.

    Do they put themselves on autopilot and start the Convention off with not a bang, but a whimper. Or, do they go all out and make such an impression that Kerry and Edwards will both pale in comparison and they (Hillary & Bill) will be the major story of the Convention?

    My guess is that they do the latter. That way they can continue to look like the shining stars of their party. And really, how can they be blamed for the fact that Kerry, unlike Bill, has no charisma and, unlike Hillary, has no vision either.

    Although, it's funny that people think Bill is even capable of such a speech. After all, before his Presidency he was best known for the thunderous round of sarcastic applause he received for the saying "and in conclusion" after his very long (and very boring) speech at the '88 convention.

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    July 25, 2004

    Dems 'bash Bush' strategy backfiring

    [Posted by james]

    Drudge reports:

    Democrat party officials are struggling to contain the amount of anti-Bush and anti-war comments to be delivered this week during the convention in Boston, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

    DNC chair Terry McAuliffe has expressed concern that nonstop Bush bashing from the podium could quickly spiral out of control and backfire.
    "We are not Michael Moore," McAuliffe has told his top staffers, according to a well-placed source. "Let's tell the voters what we stand for, not only what we stand against."

    Oh, look at that, it looks as if the previous strategy of bashing Bush 24/7 is backfiring on the Dems! Don't think that this "toning down" of the Bush bashing is for any other reason - these loons were content to ride the Bush-bashing wave as long as they thought it brought them supporters. The Dems were at the forefront of the "anti-Iraq" movement, the Dems were leading the pack on the "Bush lied, people died" movement.

    It's especially hilarious that Terry McAuliffe admonishes the rest of the party by saying "We are not Michael Moore." What? Back up for a minute here!

    First, this might be the first time that any Democrat has ever admitted that Moore's ridiculous "documentary" was actually a fact-deficient Bush bash-fest.

    Next, as everyone well knows, the Dems were ALL OVER the Michael Moore movie until it started getting debunked all over the blogosphere. Looking back on it, I think that this might be a great example of how blogs are starting to make a real difference in influencing public opinion. The liberal-leaning brick-and-mortar media establishments were hailing F-9/11 as a "masterpiece," as "an important piece of investigative journalism" before it was even released. And the "buzz" might have stayed that way, if not for modern technology. Weblogs and ubitiquous internet access allowed common people, regular people, people with real jobs to call the media onto the carpet for their endorsement of this largely "fictional" piece.

    When the movie started getting debunked, the media didn't apologize, they just dropped it. And now it looks like the DNC is trying to do the same.

    Have you any idea how many prominent Democrats were at the Washington premeire of Fahrenhet 9/11? This Washington Post picture is worth a thousand words:

    Yep, that's right, that is Top Dem himself, Terry McAuliffe, with Bush-basher Michael Moore at the Uptown Theatre in NW Washington. Then, he was desperate for a photo-op that would show the public that the DNC was closely associated with the movie. But now, McAuliffe tries to distance the party from the movie, by saying : "We are not Michael Moore."

    Talk about flip-flopping.

    Make no mistake about it, this ticket, indeed, the whole DNC platform may be falling apart before your eyes. Have you seen the news coverage of the "protesters" in Boston? They aren't the same old anti-abortion types that you would expect. Instead, the DNC is being plagued with socialistic anti-war protesters. And they are SHOCKED. Said one protester:

    Like others in the march, Piette said she sees little difference between Sen. John Kerry and President George W. Bush.

    "We really need an independent voice," she said. "They have identical positions."

    Terry McAuliffe is scared as hell - he thought that they would win because they had the pacifist, anti-war, socialist nut-job, and A.N.S.W.E.R. vote locked up. Turns out they don't.


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    Offensive License Plates

    [Posted by james]

    I was driving down I-66 yesterday, heading from Falls Church to DC, when I spotted a car sporting the Virginia license plate "LIBERAL." As you would expect, the driver somewhat oblivious to the world around her and was doing about 5 under the speed limit and causing congestion in the right hand lane. Despite this, I got really, really, excited upon seeing the plate and immediately slammed on the brakes and got behind her, and started hysterically demanding that my passenger start snapping pics immediately. Suffice it to say, she was a little freaked out by my reaction, but hey, when you're a crack reporter for an internationally respected newssource such as, you take these things seriously.

    I'm shocked that this woman apparently finds it A-OK to advertise her mental disease on the back of her car. I wonder if she'd get a similar plate that read "SCHIZO" or "BIPOLAR."

    For that matter, I wonder of the Virginia DOT would even allow a "BIPOLAR" plate to issue. Did you ever see that feature on the smoking gun where they list the letters that various DOTs have received, requesting that certain plates be cancelled? Examples include 'FL 8 ME,' '50HATER,' and, of course, the perennial favorite, 'IH8GOP.'

    I think it might be fun to write to the Virginia DOT to request that it be cancelled on the grounds that 1) it offends me, or, alternatively, on the grounds that it insults people afflicted with this mental disease, just like a plate that read "RETARDED" would undoubtedly "offend" some. Hey, maybe I could even get the ACLU on my my side.....

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    July 24, 2004

    My Electoral College Prediction-Pre-DNC

    [Posted by ]

    With the help of's handy Electoral College Calculator and Dale's fabulous Electoral College Breakdown 2004, here's how I see the election breaking down. (A quick caveat, these are my opinions only, James doesn't necessarily agree with me and, while I look at current polls, some of this is also based on simple hunches of what's going to happen a couple of months down the road).

    As you can see, I didn't really change that much from my last guess. Upon further review, I decided Oregon would swing to Kerry. I know that some recent polls show Wisconsin leaning to Kerry, but I don't buy it. The Bush campaign is going after the state hard and, when it comes down to it, I believe the good people of Wisconsin (outside of Madison that is) will recognize that Kerry is a complete phony. If there's one thing Cheeseheads won't accept, it's a phony.

    I'm confident that Ohio will go to Bush. Dale's still has it leaning to Bush despite the Kerry's advertising barrage. If it's not going to Kerry now, it never will (okay, maybe for a little while right after the convention, but that's it).

    I've no doubt that this map will look very silly in light of polls taken immediately after the DNC, but keep in mind that this race is a marathon, not a sprint.

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    Bush hating delegates head toward Boston

    [Posted by james]

    I saw this picture and caption over at and got a pretty good chuckle out of it. So true, so true. I hadn't heard of before today, but the site looks pretty cool, and I look forward to reading them in the future.

    Bush hating delegates head toward Boston


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    July 23, 2004

    Don't Stop (Thinking about Campaign Song Suggestions)

    [Posted by james]

    Just like every rose has its thorn and every night has its dawn, every campaign must have a rock-n-roll theme song. For now the Kerry/Edwards campaign has settled on Johnny B. Goode. But we at think they can do better. And for that matter, so can Bush/Cheney. So, without further ado, here are our Top Ten Campaign Song Suggestions for each campaign.


    10. Ship of Fools by Robert Plant
    What better song for the Captain of the shipwreck that is the modern Democratic Party?

    9. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind, by The Lovin' Spoonful
    Campaign songs should send a message, they should get your point across, they should tell people where you're coming from. Clinton and Gore famously had "Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow..." as their celebration song - upon hearing it, voters immediately thought "Hey, these guys are thinking about tomorrow!" (Except for a few old and forgetful people that probably saw it as a great public service reminder.) In any event, "Did you ever have to make up your mind" is a great choice for Kerry - it immediately explains Kerry's constant waffling by saying, "hey, it's hard to make decisions!"

    8. Life's Been Good, by Joe Walsh
    Ahh, the John Kerry lifestyle. Swimming pools. Movie stars. I wouldn't know what it's like, but I'm pretty sure that this song comes close.

    7. You're No Good, Linda Ronstadt
    I'm thinking that Kerry could easily arrange for Linda & Michael Moore to perform a duet of this ditty at the DNC.

    6. Money For Nothing, by Dire Straights
    Since Kerry doesn't show up for work over 80% of the time, he certainly knows all about getting money for nothing.

    5. Just A Gigolo, by David Lee Roth
    What better song than this for a dedicated special-interests whore?

    4. Promises, Promises, by Naked Eyes
    All politicians get accused of breaking their promises, but how many actually promise to do something, then later that day promise another group of people that they will in fact never do that same something? If any candidate has a right to use Promises, Promises as a Campaign theme song, it's John F. Kerry.

    3. Your Lyin' Eyes, by The Eagles
    You can't hide, your lying eyes...... and the Botox, will not disguise......

    2. Taxman, by The Beatles
    Oh please, no explanation is required for this one. John Kerry is the Taxman (he's probably also the Assman, but that's another story).

    And the number one campaign song for John F. Kerry is......

    1. You Belong to the City, by Glenn Frey
    I didn't think it could be done, but Glenn Frey has written the perfect John Kerry campaign theme song. And he did it 20 years ago! He must be freakin' Nostradamus re-incarnated or something. A quick look at a county-by-county voter map from the 2000 election will give you a rough idea of where Kerry's support lies. And this song is great, because it sends a message that rings true, a rare occurrence in today's world of dirty politics - if you're not in one of the 8 major metropolitan areas of the United States, John Kerry is not your candidate!

    And, for our friends in the President Bush/Vice President Cheney camp, how about these tunes in addition to "Hail to the Chief"?

    10. A Country Boy can Survive by Hank Williams, Jr.
    Ask yourself, who would you rather have in charge of things, a man who knows how to live off the land or a man who whines when the coffee shop punk accidentally uses 2% in his half-caf-half-decaf-soy-double-skim-latte? Since ol' Bocephus isn't running for office himself this year, I'm sure that he wouldn't mind if GWB borrowed this diddy.

    9. America, by Neil Diamond
    For some, this can represent the wonder of America, that shining city on a hill. For others, this can be a jab at Bush's overly permissive illegal alien policies. Whichever meaning you choose to adopt, one thing is certainly true -- they ARE coming to America, in greater numbers than ever. Ask yourself - if the world really hates President Bush as much as the Left claims, then why are more people than ever lining up to get in? Hmm, perhaps we've stumbled on to the reason that foreign leaders hate Bush - because he lures away their tax base.

    8. I Can See Clearly Now, by Jimmy Cliff
    On January 20, 1981 it was morning in America. And on November 2, 2004, it's gonna be another bright, bright, sun shining day as the haze clears and we all defeat this sickness that is Liberalism.

    7. Without Me, by Eminem
    Let's face it, without W., what would the liberal media do? They'd have no outlet for their irrational hate. Maybe they don't know it, but they need Bush.

    6. Holding Out for a Hero, by Bonnie Tyler
    Sure, Ted Koppel doesn't think that Bush is a hero, but just ask one of the 23 million liberated Iraqis what they think.

    5. I Wanna Be a Cowboy, by Boys Don't Cry
    Any Bush election campaign has to have a cowboy song associated with it in some way. With so many great cowboy songs to choose from, I went with this one because it's easier to dance to than Willie Nelson's "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys."

    4. The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades), by Timbuk 3
    My future, your future, the future of a nation. Reagan's tax cuts jump started the economy and created the huge tech boom that we saw in the 1990's. I've said it before and I'l l say it again - without Ronald Reagan, the personal computer wouldn't even exist. Bush's economic strategy stands a much better chance of priming the pump for your children than does Taxman Kerry's.

    3. Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor
    Hey, it worked for Rocky.

    2. Rock the Casbah, by The Clash
    That's right Middle Eastern Mullahocracies, Bush is your worst nightmare. He's gonna topple your corrupt regimes and rock your people (like a hurricane).

    1. Pink Houses, by John Mellencamp
    Ain't that America? Take another look at the map linked to above. This election all boils down to one thing - Bush's small town, independent and self-sufficient America v. Kerry's big city, dependent, handout-seeking socialistic America.

    Whose side are you going to be on when the hammer falls?

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    Top Blogs

    [Posted by james]

    As you can see, Kris posted her top 20 blogs below, and she recommended that I do the same. Problem is, I can't possibly narrow it down to 20, nor could I rank them. I use Mozilla Firebird, and I have 6 bookmark folders filled with probably 20 weblogs apiece. I normally go into one and hit "open all links in new tabs," then start the process of going through them all, one by one. Don't misunderstand - I don't mean to imply that it's a chore - it isn't at all. ( I read a lot )

    There are a lot of great ones out there - some consistently great, some occasionally great, some once in a blue moon great but still well worth reading, etc. The links posted to the Daily Page give some indication of what I read that day.

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    My Top 20 Blogs

    [Posted by ]

    John Hawkins at Right Wing News lists his top 40 blogs (and, sigh, we're not on it), but I thought I'd join in the fun anyway. Here is my current top 20, in no particular order:

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Blogs for Bush
    3. Michelle Malkin
    4. Right Wing News
    5. VodkaPundit
    6. Volokh
    7. Neophyte Pundit
    8. Outside the Beltway
    9. Oh, That Liberal Media
    10. Raincross Conservative
    11. Slant Point
    12. e-Claire
    13. Ramblings' Journal
    14. Dale's Electoral College Breakdown
    15. California Yankee
    16. Sharp As A Marble
    17. The Crease
    18. Instapundit
    19. The Patriette
    20. Alamo Nation

    Like everyone else, I like a blog that's updated regularly. In addition, I like blogs that have a sense of humor and a sense of place. Finally, I really like blogs that might actually link to us!

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    July 22, 2004

    A Hometown Ticket

    [Posted by james]

    Washington Oculus writes about a story that the major media isn't reporting, but one that a local DC neighborhood paper, The Georgetowner, recently ran as a cover story: "Hometown Ticket: Kerry Chooses Edwards." That's right, Georgetown, one of the wealthiest zip codes (20007) in the nation, is proud that both members of the Democratic ticket have multi-million dollar homes in swank and exclusive Georgetown.

    It's worth noting that just because these two yahoos have houses there, it doesn't mean that they have "homes" there - as you know, each Senator has attended fewer than 20% of the Senate votes this term, so they can't be spending that much time in Georgetown.

    On another note, I'm guessing that the DNC was mortified by The Georgetowner's cover story - after all, they've spent so much time and money trying to paint both Kerry and Edwards as being in touch with the common working man. How many common working men that you know have a 4 million dollar second home near their workplace?

    Posted by jkhat at 08:35 AM | Comments (5)


    July 21, 2004

    Revealing Media Buys

    [Posted by ]

    According to the Nielson Monitor-Plus and the University of Wisconsin Advertising Project 60% of Americans live in areas where no Presidential ads have aired since the end of primary season.

    Additionally, the Bush campaign ads have outrun Kerry ads in 83 of 93 contested media markets. However, when Kerry's ads are combined with those of allied groups (Media Fund,, etc.), he outguns Bush in 62 markets.

    So where are the campaigns advertising? The top markets for both campaigns combined are:

    1. Toledo, OH
    2. Dayton, OH
    3. Kansas City, MO
    4. Columbus, OH
    5. Cleveland, OH
    6. St. Louis, MO
    7. Portland, OR
    8. Erie, PA
    9. Las Vegas, NV
    10. Detroit, MI

    And below you'll find a breakdown of where each campaign is spending (and outspending).

    Look at the two different strategies exposed in those tables. The Kerry campaign and their surrogates are throwing all their eggs in the Ohio basket, with a few strays in Missouri. To them, clearly, Ohio is do or die.

    By contrast, the Bush campaign is targeting specific areas in several key states. Why? Because, Bush can win without Ohio. Bush has numerous winning scenarios, which either exclude or include some of the key battleground states. Kerry's strategy, on the other hand, reveals that his campaign does not have a winning scenario without Ohio.

    The problem with the Kerry campaign is that this strategy is weak. Even if they can win Ohio, they'll still need to win (most likely) Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine, Iowa, Wisconsin, West Virginia and either Florida or Missouri. Can he do this without significant media buys in the vast majority of those states? It doesn't seem likely.

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    Darned if you do, Damned if you don't

    [Posted by james]

    I just noticed this piece on drudge :

    DNC Press Release MCAULIFFE FILES FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST; Requests All Documents Shared Between the Department of Justice and White House Regarding Investigation of Sandy Berger

    According to recent reporting, an investigation into former National Security Adviser Samuel Berger has been going on for at least nine months, since October 2003. Yet, the criminal investigation only came to light three days prior to the release of a report expected to be critical of the Bush administration's lack of focus on the events leading up to the 9-11 attacks.

    Shame on the Republicans for getting evidence against someone before making any charges! Shame on them for trying to keep possibly innocent people's names out from under a cloud of suspicion!

    You can't win either way - no matter when this was "released," the dummocrats would find a way to "charge" that it was politically motivated. It would be either
    "they released too early, as part of a smear campaign!!" or "they purposely waited until right before (whatever is scheduled in the next week or so) to release this, I cry foul!"

    Maybe the LA Lakers should have taken tip from the dummocrats and issued a press release charging "Colorado prosecutors purposely waited until right before the Nuggets/Lakers game to announce the charges against Kobe!"

    spin, spin, spin, spin, spin. These people are selling crap and calling it gold, and too many people are buying it.

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    The Never-ending anti-Dummocrat Conspiracy

    [Posted by james]

    Did you ever notice that whatever happens in the world, if it looks bad for the dummocrats, or if it looks good for the Republicans, dummocrats are the first to run to the media charging that it was all part of a conspiracy against them? The most famous example, of course, is Hillary Clinton’s charge that a "vast right wing conspiracy" is at work against them. Lesser known examples include Gore’s recent charge that the Bush administration is "with a network of 'rapid response' digital Brown Shirts who work to pressure reporters and their editors for 'undermining support for our troops,’” top dums’ somewhat recent charges that Saddam Hussein’s capture was orchestrated as a PR stunt by the Bush administration, older charges that Bush somehow conspired with bin Laden to commit September 11th, and even a more widespread and bizarre charges that the Bush administration is currently hiding Osama bin Laden and will “trot him out” as the election draws near.

    Staying true to form, the dummocratic brass is out in front of the Sandy Berger classified documents story with this charge that the whole thing is being “orchestrated” by the White House:

    The Kerry campaign released a letter detailing campaign questions as to whether Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie orchestrated the Berger investigation leak.

    The letter entitled "Cheney Strikes Back?" says: "The argument that the timing was politically motivated and coordinated by the White House was just made stronger by some very disturbing reports about Dick Cheney and Ed Gillespie."

    No, they don’t talk about how Berger is guilty of actually committing the acts, instead they accuse the White House of being behind some sort of conspiracy that brought the information to light.

    Why is everything a “conspiracy” to these people? Why is it always “they are against us” with these people?

    It’s because these people don’t really believe in “government of the people, for the people, by the people,” like they claim. Sure, they agree with that principle when it suits their needs, but when “the people” don’t want what they want, they claim intellectual superiority, they claim that the people don’t really know what they want, they claim that “the people” are being brainwashed, or they come up with some magical and invisible “conspiracy” that is always working against them, suppressing the “true will of the people.”

    Don’t be fooled by their act for one second. Just like the ACLU has little or nothing to do with “liberty,” and just like the ACS has nothing to do with preserving the Constitution, the Democratic Party has absolutely nothing to do with democracy or democratic principles.

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    If You Can't Make It in NYC...

    [Posted by ]

    Media outlets are breathlessly reporting that Al Franken's radio show on Air America is beating Bill O'Reilly in New York City ratings.

    Reuters gives the story this headline: "Al Franken Beats O'Reilly in NY Radio Matchup". Um, except not. The devil is in the details.

    First, Franken only beats O'Reilly in the 25-54 age group. Among all listeners aged 12 and up, O'Reilly still wins.

    Second, both shows are still crushed by Rush Limbaugh.

    A couple of thoughts. While advertiser-friendly demographics are important to the media, are they really important for those who would like to extend some political significance to Franken's ratings? I don't think so. To the extent that political parties pay attention to simple age demos, I'd expect them to care more for older Americans, who actually bother to vote.

    Rush Limbaugh is a radio king. I wouldn't expect Al Franken to beat him. However, by all reports, O'Reilly's radio show stinks. If Franken can't even beat O'Reilly in ultra liberal New York City, how can he and Air America ever make a dent in Peoria?

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    Getting It

    [Posted by ]

    Some words of wisdom today from Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka, in the wake of threats from terrorists to Poland, Japan and Bulgaria if they didn't withdraw from Iraq:

    "The decision by the Philippines government only increases the danger for others," Belka said. "It is a very clear example of how when you bow in to the pressure of terrorists you increase the danger to others."

    Right on.

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    Wictory Wednesdays in Enemy Territory

    [Posted by ]

    As regulars know, I live in one of the most liberal areas of one of the most liberal cities in America. I'm certain that come November 2, I'll be among just a handful of people in my ward voting to reelect the President.

    But, this past weekend, I was so happy to find Bush volunteers among the Kerry crowd, abortion activists and gay pride advocates at our famous Farmer's Market.

    This was the first time I've seen Bush volunteers out and about. The nice man was so happy to give me stickers and bumper stickers. Now, I proudly display these items in my ultra liberal neighborhood. But I can do more. And you can too.

    We all can donate our time and our money to the campaign.

    And, you can keep reading and referring people to the great sites listed below:

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    July 20, 2004

    Help us Waste Kerry Campaign Materials!

    [Posted by james]

    Sign up to get your John Kerry bumper stickers here!

    1. Waste their campaign's money. As you know, it takes money to print and send out bumper stickers. Requesting bumper stickers that you're just going to turn around and throw away is a great way to waste the Kerry campaign's money. Personally, it makes me feel great to know that I'm doing my part to offset the huge contributions made by the Hollywood socialist elite

    2. Screw up their demographic "sampling" information. This one is very important, and is an area where we could do some real damage. As you know, several states, termed "battleground states," are close to being evenly split between Kerry and Bush. By requesting a lot of bumper stickers to these states, the dums will think that they have more support than they actually do, and will, as a consequence, start spending their money elsewhere.

    But wait! That's not all!

    The envelope containing the bumper sticker will no doubt contain a postage pre-paid envelope soliciting a contribution to their campaign. USE IT! (but don't include any money, obviously.) This too will waste the campaign's money, as they will be required to pay for the postage upon receiving that envelope in the mail, not to mention the processing costs associated with opening it, etc.

    I know that it is embarassing to have dummocrat material delivered to your home. Believe me, I get more than my share. The postman must think that I'm Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy's secret illegitimate love child. So try to think of yourself as a secret, undercover, covert-ops agent, just like Arnie in True Lies. People may think that you're a liberal now, but the truth will come out in November when you're celebrating another 4 years.

    Add the banner to your website now! See "there's more" for more info.

    Add this banner to your sidebar!

    Attention blog and website owners - you can help defeat John Kerry by adding this banner to your website! Just cut and paste the HTML code below.

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    July 19, 2004

    In touch

    [Posted by james]

    Cartoon found via

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    Liberal activist gays continue to trivialize actual struggle and suffering

    [Posted by james]

    From an article entitled: "Gay pride event has color and politics":

    "'We're where black rights were in the '60s,' [Julie Kaufman of Marshall, WI] said."

    Really? So gays have, historically, been been kidnapped from a foreign land, herded onto ships like cattle, imprisoned on wooden slats stacked 3 feet on top of one another and on which they could barely move, transported across the Atlantic Ocean in a journey that took months, where they arrived in the US diseased and malnourished, only to be sold into slavery, to be beaten by their "masters," raped by their "owners," selectively mated by their "keepers," only to have their children seized and sold at auction, never to see them again, forced to continue in this living hell for generations and generations, with no opportunities, until the Constitution was penned, the founding document of this very nation, only to identify them as 3/5 of a person, as less than a person, for four score until the Civil War was fought, so they could be "free" to live in abject poverty, to live under Jim Crow, to get beaten for voting, to get beaten for anything, to get lynched for voting, to get lynched for breathing, to live in segregated society, where they weren't welcome in restaurants, weren't welcome on busses, weren't welcome to drink out of the same goddamned water fountain as the rest of "society," for year after year after year, to have no opportunities, to be treated as less than human, less than a person, on the level of an animal, until a scant 60 years ago?

    No, Julie Kaufman.
    You're not even close.

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    What Would Linda Do?

    [Posted by ]

    Two months ago, Mr. Hat reported that singer Linda Ronstadt had at last broken her silence on the presidential election.

    While many in this great nation rejoiced, apparently Linda has taken it a step too far.

    Before singing "Desperado" for an encore Saturday night, the 58-year-old rocker called Moore a "great American patriot" and "someone who is spreading the truth." She also encouraged everybody to see the documentary about President Bush.
    Ronstadt's comments drew loud boos and some of the 4,500 people in attendance stormed out of the theater. People also tore down concert posters and tossed cocktails into the air.
    It was a very ugly scene," Aladdin President Bill Timmins told The Associated Press. "She praised him and all of a sudden all bedlam broke loose."
    Timmins, who is British and was watching the show, decided Ronstadt had to go — for good. Timmins said he didn't allow Ronstadt back in her luxury suite and she was escorted off the property.

    I'm sure folks like Elton John will point to this as more crushing of dissent. I, however, choose to view it as an affirmation that the American people are not all hoity-toity easty-coasty elites.

    Thank god!

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    Re: The Left

    [Posted by james]

    From today's issue of The Federalist:


    "All of the early coverage in the mainstream media of the Democrats' celebrity-laden fund raiser in New York the other night was about the enormous amount of money it generated -- some $7.5 million. Many of the participants, if I am not mistaken, had promised to leave the United States if George W. Bush won, but they're still here. The unfairness of it all. Lost in the early coverage was

    (a) the top ticket price was $25,000; a little steep for many of the "little people" with whom Senator John Edwards claims such solidarity, and;

    (b) the outright ugliness of the comments of those who chose to participate -- especially Whoopi Goldberg.

    Goldberg's comments were so off-color and distasteful that they have become a campaign issue: The Democrats are refusing to release the tape of the performance because they realize that allowing the voting public to actually see it -- and, potentially much more damaging -- the crowd's positive reaction to it, would be extremely powerful in demonstrating the kind of language about the President the Democrats will not only tolerate, but will encourage."

    --Rich Galen

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    More Aid to the Kerry/Edwards Campaign

    [Posted by ]

    In the spirit of friendly cooperation, we'd like to offer the Kerry/Edwards campaign these campaign poster options, in addition to the fine work done earlier by Allahpundit.

    First, how about a couple celebrating great moments in American relations with our peaceful Arab "friends"?

    Next up is a tribute to the fine economic policies of the Carter administration:

    And, of course we can't forget Vietnam. And America shouldn't either. Vietnam, and by extension the 1960s, should always be front and center in our thoughts.

    And lastly, a perfect visualization of the Kerry/Edwards vision of what America should be, again:

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    July 18, 2004

    The Perfect Campaign Poster

    [Posted by ]

    Allahpundit captures the essence of the Kerry/Edwards campaign with this utterly perfect campaign poster.

    While this is, in fact, perfect, that doesn't mean it should stop other people from creating their own Kerry/Edwards posters. In fact, I think the entire Vast Right Wing Conspiracy should stop what they're doing and get photoshopping instead.

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    Tiptoeing Into New Territory

    [Posted by ]

    I try to stay away from writing about abortion. In my experience, you will never change anyone's mind on the matter. And frankly, I really don't have strong feelings on abortion either way. With a couple of exceptions: I think partial birth abortion is horrifying. And, now, I'm even more horrified by this actions of this woman, who had a "selective pregnancy reduction" to kill two of her triplets. Her reason, she didn't want to have to:

    move to Staten Island. I'll never leave my house because I'll have to care for these children. I'll have to start shopping only at Costco and buying big jars of mayonnaise.

    The next question that may pop in your head is why this woman didn't just put two of the babies up for adoption. Well, here again, she didn't want to inconvenienced in any way by this pregnancy:

    I would have to go on bed rest in March. I lecture at colleges, and my biggest months are March and April. I would have to give up my main income for the rest of the year. There was a part of me that was sure I could work around that. But it was a matter of, Do I want to?

    Read that again. She lectures at colleges. This stupid, selfish, careless bitch who went off the pill because "because it made me moody" teaches other people. I don't care what subject she lectures on, this woman is in no position to tell anyone how to do anything.

    And, not only should she not teach, she also can't learn. She ends her article with this gem:

    I had a boy, and everything is fine. But thinking about becoming pregnant again is terrifying. Am I going to have quintuplets? I would do the same thing if I had triplets again, but if I had twins, I would probably have twins. Then again, I don't know.

    People like this give choice a bad name. What a piece of work this woman is. To deliberately stop using birth control, get pregnant and then kill two of your children is bad enough. But she's learned absolutely nothing. She'd get pregnant again and do the whole thing over.

    I seriously question why someone like her can have a healthy baby and why wonderful couples go through hell each month trying to conceive.

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    It begs the question

    [Posted by james]

    The Independent reports: Satellites will track 5,000 of the worst criminals in Britain

    Satellite technology will be used to track 5,000 career criminals who are responsible for one in every 10 crimes in Britain, the Home Secretary David Blunkett will announce tomorrow.

    The radical new technology, which has been developed in the US, will enable law enforcement officers to pinpoint the exact location of criminals who have been released early from prison and fitted with electronic tags.

    If one in ten crimes is being committed by "career criminals," then why are "career criminals" being released from prison early? Why spend all this money on a "tracking system" for criminals that should be in prison anyway? So you can track them and put them back in prison, right where they were before you let them out early?

    Sometimes I think that the whole world has fallen off its figurative rocker.

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    July 16, 2004

    Poor, Poor Martha

    [Posted by james]

    In her remarks following her sentencing, Martha Stewart claimed that she was so incredibly sorry for the 200 people that lost their jobs as a result of her actions, but then tried to shift the blame by accusing prosecutors of blowing "a small, personal matter" way out of proportion. In other words, she's blaming the fact that her company's stock tanked on "overzealous prosecution." She thinks that it's incredibly unjust that her personal mistake affected the price of her company's stock.

    Hey, Martha, I've got a newsflash for you: Your whole company is BUILT on your reputation. You are marketing yourself, you are marketing your reputation. Without your reputation, your multi-BILLION dollar company is worth about as much as a street vendor's fruit stand. Oh, I see, when hype about your personality makes you billions, it's ok, but when the hype loses you money or costs people their jobs then it's unfair?

    What do you think would happen to the value of the Michael Jordan franchise if he was found guilty in a criminal matter? What do you think will happen to Kobe's market value if he is convicted? If 200 people employed by Kobe, Inc., lose their jobs as a result of this trial, who's fault will it be, his, or should he point the finger at "overzealous prosecutors?"

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    Leaning to the Left

    [Posted by james]

    The latest issue of "On Wisconsin," the official publication of the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association, contains a great letter that I think everyone should read. Since I know that not everyone is fortunate enough to be a UW grad, I've reprinted the letter below.

    Your plea [Sifting & Winnowing, Spring 2004] for more public support of the UW can't succeed well without a major correction in the leftism of your staff and faculty. I took a BS in engineering in 1942. I could see the growing socialistic element even then. It has since obscured any degree of common sense. I have no affection at all for the UW. Sad.

    You mention a national debate. Let's have it about the intensely expressed, extreme leftism of the faculty. Your "advanced" education has contributed hugely to the lack of learning in our schools -- education "experts" of your grad school (with collectively no teaching experience) get into key state board, federal education department, and local administrative positions and keep inventing "politically correct" teacher and school burdens having nothing to do with learning useful and traditional knowledge and values.

    Your clinic and med school ignore and oppose natural-health support and rigorously useful nutrition. The the hospital meals.

    The pressure and hot issues need to include concern about these attitudes and positions: recent data from a Harvard survey show 43 percent of college students identify themselves as conservative, 37 percent as liberal. Faculties are 95 percent liberal, including some who adore Stalin. They are angered, rather than enlightened, by the above student convictions.

    Finally, in the last paragraph, please ask your writers to stop eroding our fine English language. Impact is a noun, not a verb. You mean affect, or modify or influence. Even if impact were a verb, it would mean causing a violent collision.

    If I weren't a life member, I'd choose to resign from the alumni association. Good-bye until the UW reforms.

    C.A. (Culver) Heffernon '42
    Portage, Wisconson

    You're not alone, C.A.
    But I do wish that we had a few more like you out there. Scratch that - not a few more - we need a whole lot more.

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    July 15, 2004

    Top Ten Celebrities the Illinois GOP is now Looking at Drafting for the Senate Race

    [Posted by james]

    Now that Mike Dikta has punted and declared himself from the US Senate race, rumors are flying that the Illinois GOP might be considering rocker Ted Nugent to fill the bill.

    As much as we here at love the Nuge, we were thinking that perhaps the Illinois GOP is overlooking some pretty hot Illini candidates.

    So. without further ado, we're proud to reveal

    The Top Ten "other" Illinois born and/or bred candidates for the GOP to consider

    #10: Richard Marx
    If quality hair is an important qualification for President, then it's just as important for a Senator. And, just look at him, Mr. Marx is fully coiffed.
    #9: Joan Cusack
    I suspect the good people of Illinois would be thrilled to vote for Cusack, as being a Senator would keep her too busy to continue to make annoying US Cellular commercials.
    #8: Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey's love for the Chicago area is well documented - her studios, dubbed "Harpo," are still located in the Windy City, a rare find in a day and age when most others in her shoes would have picked up and bolted for La La land. Her generosity is unparalled, as Oprah commonly gives gifts worth hundred$ to her studio audience, and is one of the few celebrities who puts her money where her mouth is, in terms of helping the less fortunate. Unfortunately, she's probably a democrat.
    #7: REO Speedwagon
    I Can't fight this feeling anymore, I want Illinois to roll with the changes and become the first state in the history of this golden country to elect an entire band to the U.S. Senate! Admittedly, they are tough guys, not known for their thinking skills, but those wheels are a turnin. Besides, how awesome would it be to close every Senate session with a live version of "Time for me to Fly?" That would be a Sweet time. That could be The Key.
    #6: Dennis Franz The son of German immigrants, Franz comes from a family used to government service (his parents were both postal workers). Franz himself served in the famed 101st Airborne in Vietnam. Even today, he's helps by serving on the board of the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance. Add finally, if a man like Franz isn't afraid to show his ass on television, he won't be afraid to make tough decisions and stand up for the good people of Illinois.
    #5: Chris Chelios Some Illini might resent Chelios for spending too much time in enemy territory (Detroit and the University of Wisconsin), but few can deny his commitment to strong defense. Can you think of anyone better than this tough enforcer to play the role of GOP whip? We can't.
    #4: Harrison Ford He's got rugged good looks. He's from Illinois. He went to tiny Ripon College in Wisconsin and worked on the radio. Who does this remind you of? If the Reagan comparisons aren't enough: he's also a master craftsman and seemingly routinely helps rescue hikers with his helicopter. And, while he's not a politician, he has played one in the movies.
    #3: Jeri Ryan
    No top ten list of hot candidates with the word "bred" in the title would be complete without the obvious first choice, Jeri Ryan. Former wife of now disgraced would-be candidate Jack Ryan, Jeri came out of the whole thing unscathed, rightly looking like the one in the relationship who wasn't the pervert. You want family values, look no further than Jeri Ryan, who, as a former Miss Illinois, is no stranger to representing the good people of the Land of Lincoln. And her degree from Northwestern proves that she's no dumb cookie, to boot. The Fridge would approve.
    #2: Al Bundy Let's face it, if Illinois wants a Senator who will be sure to put his best foot foward, can they do better than elect a shoe salesman? Bundy's not a complicated man. He's not a book smart man either. But, he managed to support a family of four on a shoe salesman's salary and consistently avoid having sex with his wife. If he can do that, I bet he can balance the budget and lower taxes.
    #1: Balki Bartokomous
    Originally from the island nation of Mepos, Balki Barokomous stumbled upon the great State of Illinois when he came to Chicago in search of happiness, fortune, and his Cousin Larry. And he found all three. But has city-slicker Bartokomous let his fame and fortune go to his head? Don't be ridiculous!!! A goat farmer by training, Bartokomous stays true to his roots, and calls his mother in Mepos every week. With these exemplary qualifications, we think that Bartokomous is uniquely qualified to relate to both voters in the greater Chicagoland area, and to voters in the "rest" of Illinois.

    For these reasons, is proud to endorse Balki Bartokomous for US Senate.

    Go on, Illinois GOP, do your thing, and we'll all be doing the happy dance with Senator Bartokomous come November.

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    [Posted by ]

    Whether you disagree or agree with the Defense of Marriage Act, I think most people can respect someone who stands by their beliefs and takes a stand on the issue. Yesterday, 98 Senators made their views public and known. Two Senators didn't. Do you even need to look below to know who they are?

    For all of his talk about his heroism in Vietnam, John Kerry doesn't have the first clue about courage. For all his talk about fighting evil corporations on behalf of helpless clients, John Edwards doesn't know the first thing about integrity.

    And the simple fact remains, if John Kerry tells voters how he stands on the issues they care about, he will lose the election.

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    July 14, 2004

    The Nader Myth

    [Posted by james]

    A few months ago, I heard a radio interview with Ralph Nader in which he claimed that his campaign drew support from both the democratic and the Republican parties equally. I was always going to look for a print source that reported the same, to be sure that my ears weren't playing tricks on me. I finally got around to remembering to look, and lo and behold, I found this interview in the Memphis Flyer. Just a couple of quick bullet-point styled quotes from the interview:

    • Nader: The exit polls in New Hampshire showed that I took more Republican votes than Democrat votes. And that's not surprising, because, two-and-a-half months ago, there's a poll from New Hampshire which had me at 8 percent. That was made up of 4 percent of Democrats' votes, 9 percent of Republicans', and 11 percent of independents'. So they're completely wrong, even on their assumptions in New Hampshire.
    • Nader: But the independents who would have voted for Bush, or the conservatives who voted for Bush, a significant number are furious with him, over the Patriot Act, over the huge deficit, over their taxes going to corporate subsidies, over what they call the sovereignty-shrinking impact of the WTO and NAFTA. They don't like Bush beating up on Taiwan and cuddling with Communist China. It's churning out there. It's hard to say how many of these people are revolting, but the fact that there is a revolt is pretty well documented, and so I think they're either going to stay home, or they're going to vote for a libertarian, or they're going to vote for my independent candidacy.

    Think he's crazy? Think again.

    I just checked the polling numbers from the USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll, and they show that what is happening is exactly what Nader says is happening: among "Likely Voters," Nader is pulling more votes from the Republicans than he is from the democrats.

    The chart above summarizes the data from the USA Today poll. In that poll, respondents were first asked to choose between kerry/edwards and Bush/Cheney, and then to choose among kerry/edwards, Bush/Cheney, and Nader/Camejo. The chart shows the percentage "switching" their vote to Nader/Camejo. Highlighted are the polls where Nader "pulls" an equal number or more votes from Bush than he does from Kerry.

    I do use the term "pull" very lightly, I should add. I surely don't think that any candidate is "entitled" to a person's vote, if only another candidate didn't run. That's crazy talk.

    And, of course, I'm no survey or polling expert. Maybe we could get Gerry to weigh in on this?

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    Top Ten Initiatives to Expect in Senator Ditka's First 100 Days

    [Posted by ]

    With the rumors that Mike Ditka may run for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, we thought it'd be a good time to consider just what the Senate would be like with Da Coach in the Capital.

    10. Unlike Dick Cheney, he won't tell other Senators to "fuck off", but he will hurl gum at them.

    9. Will not vote for the latest education bill without a guarantee that all U.S. history books use an asterisk if they discuss the U.S. "losing" the Vietnam War.

    8. He will insist that Pentagon war planners institute revolutionary new "46" defense.

    7. His press secretary will hold news conferences while wearing headbands that say "Clinton" or "Kerry".

    6. Will introduce a bill to get the US out of the UN...unless those international pansies start playing "real" football.

    5. With his input in the planning, the 2008 Republican National Convention will feature Senators performing new rap hit: "Super Senate Shuffle".

    4. Will vote to trade Guam, American Samoa and the Wake Islands to Japan for Takeru Kobayashi.

    3. His constant threats will cause Wisconsin Senators Feingold and Kohl to employ bodyguards to ward off attacks from "Samurai Mike" Singletary.

    2. He'll be a fearless leader. After all, working in the Senate is nothing compared to talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction.

    And, the number one initiative to expect in Senator Ditka's first 100 days:

    1. Suggests Israel replace their "illegal" wall with a more effective barrier: William, "The Refrigerator" Perry.

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    Senator Ditka?

    [Posted by james]

    The news media is abuzz with rumors that Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka is considering making a run for the Senate, stepping into the shoes of the now retired front-runner, would-be politician Jack Ryan.

    The Illinois Leader is reporting that Iron Mike stormed out of a meeting with GOP reps earlier today.

    It seems that the Illinois Leader wasn't prepared for the number of hits sent their way via the link from Drudge, so we've reprinted the story below.

    We have only one question: Think Ditka would trade all of his Senate votes away like he did with the Saints' '99 draft picks?

    NEWS FLASH: Ditka storms out of meeting

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    By The Leader-Chicago Bureau

    CHICAGO -- This morning in downtown Chicago, former Bears coach Mike Ditka left a secret meeting with IL GOP decision makers, angered about the media being tipped off about the meeting.

    Ditka was to meet with members of the IL GOP State Central Committee and to speak via conference call with national level Republicans as he considered whether or not to fill the vacancy left when former candidate for U.S. Senate Jack Ryan announced his intentions to withdraw on June 25.

    As word of the meeting leaked out to the press, Ditka reportedly was angered when met by reporters, exited the meeting promptly and hopped into his black Escalade, and left, obviously upset.

    Ditka met last night with U.S. Senator George Allen, who flew into town to discuss the possibility of the former tight end filling the Ryan vacancy. Allen heads the Republican Senate Committee and is the son of football coach George Allen, who Ditka played for at one time.

    Internet journalist Matt Drudge inaccurately reported this morning that an announcement would be made at 9:30 am.

    No word as to the ensuing discussion among state central committee members left at the meeting, which continued after Ditka left.

    Ditka's willingness to take on the candidacy may be in doubt now.

    In the meantime, Illinois House Republican Minority Leader Tom Cross has notified the media that an announcement concerning his endorsement of Ditka would take place at Navy Pier this afternoon at 5:30 PM.

    A rally to promote Ditka's candidacy is planned by Americans for Better Choices Thursday night at Ditka's Chicago restaurant

    Developing story . . .

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    It's An Amazing Wictory Wednesday

    [Posted by ]

    Wisconsin is one of the four most contentious states in the 2004 campaign, when measured by tv ad dollars. So, last night, while enjoying the best show on television, I was alarmed, but not surprised, to see several John Kerry ads.

    The ads were all about diminishing our dependence on foreign fuel sources. How we go about doing this, Kerry doesn't say. He just thinks it's a darn good idea.

    I honestly don't think these ads are at all effective, but the fact is, is that Kerry doesn't have to rely on his own advertising for positive press (he has the CBS, the NY Times, LA Times and more to help him). Bush does. He needs to spend more and more money to get his message out. We can help by writing and linking to articles that give the conservative point of view.

    We all can also donate our time and our money to the campaign.

    And, you can keep reading and referring people to the great sites listed below:

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    July 13, 2004

    Anarchy in NYC

    [Posted by ]

    What the hell is wrong with people? The New York Daily News reports on the preparations of anarchists (okay, time out for a moment. anarchists prepare? shouldn't they be against that?) to disrupt the Republican National Convention next month. Plans apparently include decoying bomb sniffing dogs in order to stop trains and evacuate buildings. Just a couple of thoughts:

    Why are the anarchists targeting the Republican convention? Shouldn't they hate Democrats just as much, if not even more? In theory, the greatest enemy of an anarchist is the government and Democrats are traditionally for bigger government, right? So, these jackasses actually have the wrong target.

    I'll ask again. What the hell is wrong with these people? It's as if certain Americans have a collective amnesia about the events of 9/11. We really were attacked by terrorists. 3,000 people really did die. Islamofascist terrorists really do hate us and they will try to kill us again. Pretending it didn't happen isn't an effective way to prevent it from happening again.

    In fact, what these people are planning on doing is treason. They are actively helping our enemies. Now, I know that, for some reason, anarchists and leftists think that Islamofascist terrorists don't really hate them, too. But, guess what, they do. They hate feminists. They hate homosexuals. They hate environmentalists. They hate born again Christians. They hate atheists. The list goes on and on. They hate us all and we need to be in this together to defeat them.

    This weekend, I saw a woman walking with a poster saying that women "needed" to vote for Kerry. I wish I would have stopped her and asked why. What specific issues make Kerry so great for women? It's as if some people think that abortion is the only issue women care about. And, that if they do care, they're all pro-choice.

    In the meantime, thousands and thousands of young women are going to school again in Afghanistan. Iraqi women are joining the new police force and in the last couple of months the American economy has boomed, helping countless women and their families.

    Why do some persist in thinking that the enemy of America is America? Some people seem to want nothing more than to close their eyes and plug their ears and hope that makes the world a suddenly safer place. Others want to go on pushing and pulling for their pet projects (abortion, gay marriage both for and against, anarchy, etc.) and completely disregard the new reality we live in.

    I truly believe the greatest danger we face is from Islamofascist terrorists. But every time I read another article like this I start to worry more and more about the dangers and carelessness from within.

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    July 12, 2004

    Books for Soldiers

    [Posted by ]

    If you're like me, you have way too many books laying around your house. Instead of donating a box to Goodwill, why not send them to our soldiers? I came across Books for Soldiers this morning and it looks like a great cause and a nice way to make sure that the men and women doing the dirty work of democracy know that we appreciate them.

    Lots of pundits are writing about how Americans want a "time out" from the war. I don't think that's a smart wish, but if people here feel that way, imagine how much it means for someone on duty and away from their family to be able to get away from everything, relax and enjoy a book for just an hour or so.

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    July 09, 2004

    My Electoral College Count: July 9

    [Posted by ]

    Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal has a nifty feature to help you figure out who will win the election and how they'll do it.

    Right now, this is how I have it coming down. I'll try to post new maps every other week or so until the election. And then, come November 3, we'll see how accurate I was.

    July 24 Update: See my latest prediction.

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    Kerry just doesn't have time to Represent

    [Posted by james]


    Think that maybe Mr. Fancypants was too busy getting his hair cut?

    One thing that we do know for sure is that he isn't short on time because he's off doing his job, as Kerry has missed a whopping 87 percent of the the Senate vote this year.

    I don't know about you, but if I failed to do my job 87% of the time, I'd be fired in a heartbeat. I can't believe that this man has the gall to still pick up his paycheck each week. What's worse, he is supposed to be in Washington, representing the interests of the people of Massachusetts. He surely isn't doing that while he's off gallavanting across the country. If John Kerry truly cared about representing the people, if he truly wanted what was best for his constituents, he would resign. His failure to do what's best for the people of Massachusettes highlights the sad fact that John Kerry only cares about one thing: John Kerry.

    Roughly 250 years ago, the good people of Massachussetts sparked a revolution with the battle cry "No taxation without representation!" I ask you, where is their representation now?

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    What if

    [Posted by james] has a pretty amusing photoshop thread going. The theme is "Photoshop as it would have appeared during major historical events."

    I like this entry by user uclajd:

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    July 08, 2004

    No Child Left Behind

    [Posted by james]

    Ms. Fedora's recent story about the California teachers that were caught cheating to help their students perform better on new standardized tests brings up a couple of interesting issues.

    1. Why are teachers opposed to the "No Child Left Behind" act, especially when it was passed by a bi-partisan congressional majority and is aimed at ensuring that our children get the very best education possible, which is what they claim to want, and

    2. Why are teachers opposed to standardized testing for teachers, when that testing would ensure that the people hired to teach our children are in fact capable of "teaching," and would pave the way for superior teachers to start making superior wages?

    The short answer to those questions is that the many teachers do not want what's best for our kids, they want what's best for themselves, plain and simple.

    Ask any teacher how they would feel about the government getting out of the business of licensing doctors, and they will no doubt be wholeheartedly against the idea, declaring that licensing performs an important public safety function, that it helps to ensure that the people practising medicine are truly qualified to do so. Ask the same teacher how he or she feels about dropping the requirement for continuing medical education for doctors. That's right, as a doctor, you have to complete so many hours of training of per year and you have to constantly be re-certified in areas that you have been previously certified to practice. No doubt, teachers will see no problem with these re-certification requirements either.

    Why, then, are they so dead set against sitting down and taking a test every so often to prove that they know what they say they know? Doctors have to do it. Lawyers have to do it. Teachers want to be looked at as professionals, and they want all the glitz and glamour that goes with it, but they don't want to do any of the hard work.

    National Educational Association (NEA), a union that claims 2.7 million members has announced their intent to defeat President Bush. Consider this:

    The union is collaborating with the liberal organization to coordinate nationwide political "house parties."
    Yesterday, union officials distributed 10,000 fliers to individual state caucuses informing them that filmmaker Michael Moore's anti-Bush film, "Fahrenheit 9/11," would be shown to delegates in the convention hall tomorrow immediately after Mr. Kerry's speech.

    I have seen the movie, and let me tell you, there isn't a single thing in there about teachers, or teaching, or schools, or the No Child Left Behind Act. Given their demonstrated inability to discern appropriate subject matter, I wonder how many of these teachers would pop in Fahrenheit 9/11 in a math class to demonstrate the pythagorean theorem?

    This "union" is selling a "we hate bush" message and doesn't have a genuine pro-education platform. By teaming up with groups such as, their leaders have taken the NEA down a peta-like path, and they're quickly losing the public's respect. Why their members continue to follow like such brainless sheep is beyond me.

    An NEA spokesman summed up their true feelings on the topic of education:

    "There is no way around it: No Child Left Behind forces us to spend money we don't have, on programs we don't need, to get results that don't matter."

    That's right, the union spokesman said that the whether kids actually learn anything or not doesn't matter. What does matter to them, then?

    Teachers famously complain that they are overworked and underpaid. They want to be "professionals," but they don't want to have to get professional certifications. They want more money, but don't want to have to prove that they're worth it. All highly compensated professions are highly competitive. It's hard to get into a good Law School, a good Med School, a good grad school of any sort. Do you what it takes to become a teacher? In most states, one only need have a bachelor's degree. Why do teachers think they should get graduate-level respect and compensation, but should be exempt from graduate-level competition?

    And, speaking of other professions, when a lawyer or a doctor messes up, they get sued for malpractice. Much of that "higher salary" goes to pay insurance premiums. Shouldn't there be a similar remedy for incompetent or negligent teachers?

    Lest this sound like an anti-teacher rant, let me just say: I'm not at all against paying good teachers more money. After all, if you want the best, you have to pay for the best. I think that No Child Left Behind is a step in the right direction. Teacher re-certification is a step in the right direction. These two initiatives will set up a system that allows for better teachers to be better compensated. The lure of higher compensation will draw more and better qualified people to the field, vastly improving the quality of education. The NEA is dead set against both of these initiatives because they don't think that their members can make the grade.

    If you want to be treated like a "profession," teachers, you're going to have to start acting like one.

    People are getting more and more tired of our failing public school systems, and it's only a matter of time before they figure out that your union is the real problem. Or, maybe that's why you're doing your part to make sure our kids don't learn anything in school.

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    To Kerry, the more expensive, the better

    [Posted by james]

    John Kerry made a jestful statement that he and his special mate John Edwards have "better hair" than President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

    "I want you to know we think this is a dream ticket. We've got better vision. We've got better ideas. We've got real plans. We've got a better sense of what's happening to America," Kerry said.

    "And," Kerry added with a grin, "We've got better hair. I'll tell you, that goes a long way."

    But was it really in jest? I'm not so sure. As you may remember, Kerry made news in late 2002 when it was disovered that he regularly pays upwards of $150 for a single haircut.



    Democrat all-star John Kerry of Massachusetts is positioning himself as a populist politician while he takes the first step for a White House run...

    But the self-described "Man of The People" pays $150 to get his hair styled and shampooed -- the cost of feeding a family of three for two weeks!
    Between salon runs, Kerry has been on the stump advocating "the needs of average working Americans, middle-class families" who are "struggling harder and harder on quality of life issues."
    Kerry's haircare has become legend in media circles.
    "It's always a fight to get mirror time," notes one green room insider at FOX NEWS's D.C. bureau. "He obsessively primps and poses before he goes on the air."

    More recently, it was reported that John Fancypants Kerry paid over $1,000 to fly his hairdresser to Pittsburgh for a quick "touchup".

    Could it be that the Man of the People really thinks that world peace is just a few snips away? Just think of how expensive this could get, I mean, $150 might be enough to spend while running for President, but what if he's elected? He'd have to spend at least twice that, and perhaps get it cuts twice as often. And that's just for regular Presidentin'! What if a really serious issue comes up, like a teamsters strike? That might warrant a $1000 cut. What if the Israel situation flares up? $100,000! And if Taiwan and China start throwing punches? Egad. Buy stock in Bryl Cream now.

    I'll tell you, that'll go a long way.

    In all seriousness, I think that John Kerry has unwittingly revealed his blind reliance on a flawed and central tenent of the democratic party platform; namely, the mistaken belief that paying more for something automatically makes it better

    I don't mean to say that quality doesnt cost money and that it isn't sometimes worth paying for; but how do you think that Kerry will react to this poll that says that Americans overwhelmingly prefer President Bush's haircut? Will he endeavor to actually fix the problem, or will he simply stand up and declare how important it is, for the children's sake, that he spend more money on his haircuts to make them better?

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    Been Caught Cheating

    [Posted by ]

    Oh those poor, poor teachers. Fox News reports that teachers were caught cheating to help their students perform better on new standardized tests that are part of Bush's "No Child Left Behind" act.

    Some of these teachers have been fired, and some even face jail time. But, still, some people try to justify their actions:

    Some say the new standardized tests are a fair and accurate way to assess learning. But others say they put an enormous amount of pressure on teachers to make sure students pass, because if they don't, the whole school might end up facing consequences.

    Now, use your imagination for a moment. Imagine you're at work. Imagine that you're not doing your job well. Imagine that, because you don't do your job well, you, and your company, face (gasp!) consequences! The horror!

    We're asking teachers to do nothing more than we ask of anyone else in this society. Every job has challenges, and it's about time these teachers accept the challenge rather than shirk their duty and blame their failures on everyone else.

    There are wonderful teachers out there, but there are too many like these California idiots giving the entire profession a bad and whiney name.

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    Candidates for the Common Man

    [Posted by ]

    The Kerry/Edwards campaign has embarked on their great quest to help those Americans "left behind" in the wake of record economic growth:

    Million Air, huh? What a fitting headline for two millionaires trying desperately to pretend they have any idea what "common" Americans think or want. Good luck guys!

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    Carrying the Torch

    [Posted by ]

    Today would have been my Dad’s 71st birthday. Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer on November 6, 2002. While that was a horrible, horrible day, I take some solace in knowing that he immensely enjoyed the events of November 5, 2002. That is, of course, the day the Republicans crushed the Democrats in the mid-term elections and gained majorities in both the House & Senate.

    Dad was a staunch conservative in the Barry Goldwater & Ronald Reagan mode. In fact, I think he may have been one of the 3 or 4 people who actually voted for Goldwater back in ’64. Dad would be pissed off about some of the drunken sailor spending in Congress and he’d think that if we need to fight, we need to fight ruthlessly and all out, in order to minimize the damage to both ourselves and our enemies.

    If you’re a regular Dummocrats reader, you’ll notice that my political views are not all that different from his. In fact, I think I’m a “victim” of propaganda. I was taught that America wasn’t perfect, but it was great. I was taught that communism was evil and socialism was wrong. I was taught that it’s better to stand by your convictions (and accept any consequences for them) than to appease.

    Growing up, I don’t remember what I heard more often: “Goddamn Packers” or “Goddamn Democrats”. As I got older, there was a new champion: “Goddamn news”. Dad was disgusted by the bias in the news media. That’s why the Internet was such a godsend. He was able to get information without such a distorted filter.

    We here at Dummocrats can’t pretend we’re reporting the news. But, what I’d like to think we can do, along with hundreds of other sites, is act as a check on the media. We have the tools to do the fact checking they either don’t or won’t. We can point out buried leads and misinformation. And, we can carry the torch for the ideas of people like Goldwater, Reagan and my Dad. As they say in hockey lore, "To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high."

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    July 07, 2004

    Sixteen Sweet Wictory Wednesdays

    [Posted by ]

    17 Wednesdays from now, let's hope we're celebrating another four years of leadership under President Bush. But wishing and hoping aren't enough. Donate to the Bush campaign if you have the means

    Remember, a donation isn't just about money, you can give your time by volunteering.

    Even if you're not a joiner, you can still help. The next time some liberal editor writes a false or vicious column, don't just shrug it off. Write a letter. Send an e-mail. Use blogs like the ones below to help prove your point.

    With Kerry's pick of Edwards, some expect him to hold up to a 15 point lead on Bush. But don't get mad. Get even!

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    July 06, 2004

    Edwards Pulls Editorial 'Blasting' Kerry

    [Posted by james]

    Nearly 12 hours after the announcement that Edwards would be Kerry's running mate, Drudge reports that :

    Editorial slamming Kerry still up on official Edwards website!

    And, wouldn't you know it, by the time that I get a chance to click on the link, the story had already been "pulled" from the site. Fortunately, Google has a cached copy of the story here.

    If you read the story, you'll note that it isn't even all that bad - it's just a reprint from a newspaper endorsing Edwards over Kerry.

    I think it's important to note that it's only this particular story that was pulled - in other words, it's not the case that the link from Drudge caused their server to crash, nor is it the case that all of the stories were moved. So, rather than come out and (quite easily) explain the presence of the story, Edwards/Kerry chooses to pull it, to sweep it under the rug, to pretend that it never even existed. Remind you of anyone?

    What a bunch of retards dummocrats.
    A full reprint of the article is available in the Extended Entry.

    Mesabi Daily News Endorses John Edwards For President The Mesabi Daily News today endorsed John Edwards for President. The full text of the endorsement is below.

    We endorse: Edwards
    North Carolina senator would be best candidate for Democrats in November

    When Democrats caucus this week in Minnesota they will be on the national political radar screen as one of 10 states where presidential primaries and caucuses will be held.

    The results will go a long way toward deciding who will be the Democratic presidential nominee in the November election.

    We hope Minnesota DFLers give a strong boost to the John Edwards campaign. We believe the North Carolina senator would be the best candidate to carry the Democratic Party’s banner against Republican President George W. Bush.

    We definitely feel he is the strongest of the four remaining candidates.

    Sen. John Kerry is the clear favorite and at this point will be hard to beat. But Edwards more than rivals him in many ways and on many issues. We are also very troubled by how out of touch Kerry was with an economic development project — the proposed Excelsior Energy power plant that holds the potential of 1,000 construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs — on the Range. An energy bill currently being debated in Congress contains, because of the hard work of Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., $800 million in federal loan guarantees for the project that could serve as a vital catalyst for private investment in the $1.2 billion clean-energy coal gasification plant. Kerry was one of five senators who signed a letter last year calling the provision of loan guarantees for the Range project “pork.” That’s bull. To sign such a letter at the same time he is campaigning on investing in new jobs in the country makes him, on that issue, a “walking contradiction” — which is a label he has given to President George W. Bush.

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio speaks with sincerity the language of the American worker. We applaud him for bringing that passion to the campaign. If it had not been for Kucinich, we do not believe Kerry and Edwards would now be speaking as much as they do about the grossly unfair loss of U.S. jobs overseas. Kucinich also has a hands-on knowledge of just how devastating illegally subsidized imports have been to the steel and ore industries. But the reality is he currently has two delegates — one being himself. He will likely finish the campaign with but a few more. Presidential nominee? No chance. Position in a future Democratic administration in a trade or labor role? Absolutely.

    The Rev. Al Sharpton is a hoot in the debates. He is quick with one-liners and good-natured jabs. A black man, he also brings needed diversity in race and life’s experiences to the campaign. But voters, even in states with a large black vote, have given his campaign little credibility. He’s just a bit too “Shady Grady” to even challenge double digit vote totals.

    We like Edwards for several reasons:

    * Trade: Kerry has been a strong supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has helped to terribly constrict the nation’s middle class, from the start. He now is trying to position himself as someone who will battle for fair trade and against the loss of American jobs. But he has been part of the problem, not the solution. It’s easy on this issue for Edwards to say he would have voted against NAFTA if he had been in the Senate back in 1993. He wasn’t. So who really knows? But we believe Edwards does have a better understanding of the embattled middle class. His upbringing and life experiences — his father was a mill worker in North Carolina and he, too, put in a stint in the plant, better puts him in touch with the everyday worker. He has connected on the jobs and trade issue with voters in several states. We believe he would continue doing that in a general election against Bush.
    * Electability: Kerry was the leader of the pack a year ago, then fell far and fast behind former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean last fall and into the new year, before doing a trampoline routine and bouncing back to the lead in the days leading up to the Iowa caucuses and the days and weeks following. He did so in large part because he was viewed as the most electable Democratic candidate — and especially the most electable when compared to the often erratic Dean. However, we believe that Edwards would be the most electable for the Democrats against Bush. We believe he would give the Democrats a much better chance in some border and southern states — such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and even Louisiana — that have become fairly solid Republican presidential territory. A native son in the South, we believe he would be a much more credible candidate there than would Kerry. Edwards has also shown he can attract Independents and Republicans in certain primaries — and the Democratic candidate will not be able to build a November victory solely by rallying the party’s core believers.
    * Style: Edwards brings a refreshing can-do outlook to the campaign trail. He doesn’t just criticize with an angry tone — which has been far too prevalent in this Democratic field. He talks about what we can do together by being optimistic, not just negative. He exudes hope. And that is something the country is always looking for, regardless the political party of a candidate.
    * Lack of Washington Experience: Too often, Kerry falls back into the murky Washington bureaucracy. That can come with the territory when you have been there for decades. That experience can certainly be a plus. But we believe there is a strong need at this time for someone to come not as beholden to that bureaucratic grip. Some would argue that Edwards does not have the Washington experience to be president. However, history has often shown otherwise.

    It could very well be that after “Super Tuesday” Kerry will have built a nearly insurmountable lead and his nomination will be inevitable.

    However, we hope that is not the case. We hope that the Edwards candidacy will gain enough strength on Tuesday to move ahead, either to win the nomination or else to keep pushing Kerry to be a better candidate.

    Minnesota Democrats can help make that happen on Tuesday.
    Last modified on 3/1/2004 5:58:31 PM

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    Bloggers Welcome at RNC?

    [Posted by ]

    According to the Washington Post, the Republican National Convention will also be welcoming bloggers. Democrats had previously said that bloggers will be welcome at this month's convention in Boston.

    The Republican Party recently decided that it will also give bloggers credentials for its convention later this summer. A spokesman for the event said it is still working out details.

    There's still no mention of this on the official convention site, and all of the deadlines to apply for media credentials have passed. We'll see if it comes to pass, but I have my doubts.

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    Dewey Defeats Truman

    [Posted by james]

    The more things change....

    the more they stay the same.

    Way to get the scoop, Post.

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    July 05, 2004

    Drudge on the VP announcement

    [Posted by james]

    from drudge:

    # Kerry intends to begin calling the major candidates in contention around 7 a.m. Tuesday to give them the news of his choice...

    # Kerry's aides reported placards had been printed with three versions of the Democratic ticket: Kerry-Edwards, Kerry-Gephardt and Kerry-Vilsack, though they acknowledged that Kerry could still surprise even them with a different selection...

    # Kerry will appear at a big morning rally in Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh and announce choice at 9 a.m. Tuesday, before flying to Indianapolis.

    # The running mate's political director would be Linda Moore, who was President Bill Clinton's deputy political director and then Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh's deputy chief of staff...

    The flying to Indiana after announcing and the political director choice certainly makes it seem like it will be Bayh, doesn't it?

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    Vice Presidential Predictions-Part Two

    [Posted by ]

    Hat's prediction of Bob Graham actually made a lot of sense when I read it. I can't see how Kerry can win without Florida, and Graham would certainly help there.

    But, sometimes things happen exactly how everyone expects them to. So, I predict the very predictable. John Edwards will be offered, and will accept, the VP slot on the Democratic ticket.

    Why Edwards? He's young. He's dynamic. He's southern. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's a little too conservative for the far left, but they're out there foaming at the mouth with Bush hatred anyway, so Kerry really has to be more concerned with courting the middle. Edwards will help him do that.

    For Edwards, this failed (hopefully) attempt at the White House will position him perfectly for 2008. Think of this as him taking one for the team, and, in return, the team will be more behind him next time.

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    Vice Presidential Predictions

    [Posted by james]

    Who's it gonna be? Rumor has it that John Kerry is going to announce his running mate on Tuesday. I stand by my earlier predicitons that it will be neither Edwards or Hillary. I have, however, changed my "favorite" : My new favorite:

    #1. Bob Graham

    Currently serving his third (and final) term as US Senator, Senator Graham is immensely popular in Florida, having previously served two terms as Governor. His critics say that he isn't that great of a public speaker, but he has a certain quality that John Kerry can only dream of having. For the last 30 years, Graham has regularly taken part in what he terms "workdays," days on which he rolls up his sleeves and works along side with those in his constituency.

    His jobs have included service as a policeman, railroad engineer, construction worker, fisherman, garbageman, factory worker, busboy, and teacher. On #365, he checked in customers, handled baggage and helped serve passengers on USAirways. By working closely with Floridians, Graham learns about the hopes and challenges they face. For him, there is no substitute for that kind of on-the-job experience.

    That type of commitment to the people will buy a lot of political capital both in Florida and across the nation. Bob Graham is everything that Kerry wishes he was, or, more accurately, Bob Graham is everything that Kerry wants people to think that he is. If Edwards declines to join the ticket, as I've predicted that he will, Graham is the next best choice.

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    Stupid Americans Foil Liberals' Dreams

    [Posted by ]

    Blogo Slovo just nails what's wrong with the Democratic Party:

    I get the feeling that too many Liberals think the problem with Liberalism is that the US electorate is simply too stupid to understand it. Rather than, perhaps, updating their ideas, many Liberals simply assume that they need a better propaganda machine, hence the popularity of the despicable Mr Moore.

    And, of course, the super duper slick new ads from the likes of Oscar winner Errol Morris. Luckily for us, Americans tend to have excellent bullshit detectors and the constant "Bush is the devil" rants will probably make people more sympathic to Bush than anything else.

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    Dirty Little Secrets

    [Posted by ]

    Bo Cowgill links to ABC News' The Note for an interesting list of 20 so-called dirty little secrets of the Presidential campaign.

    This is the secret I find a little hard to believe:

    Nearly every political reporter in America is having the same experience — they keep finding Republicans who say they will never vote again for President Bush (over the the war and the deficit, usually) but they have a heck of a time finding anyone who voted for Gore in 2000 who are now certain that they will vote for Bush (and Gore apparently won the popular vote).

    First, I don't believe that political reporters in America have actually talked to anyone that voted for Bush.

    Second, I find it hard to believe that the events of 9/11 failed to turn any Gore voters into hawks. This has, in fact, been an ongoing subject this week in the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web Today. Somehow, these political reporters got a bunch of e-mails for 2000 Gore voters who are definitely planning to switch to Bush in November. Wow, I wonder why no one else could find them? (Why am I still surprised by this?)

    Finally, Republicans have been just as likely as Democrats to lose elections because of third party candidates (see Perot & Buchanan). But, there are four big reasons I don't see that happening this year:

    1. That was before 9/11. 9/11 upped the anty. Do you think Bush voters really wish there was a madman like Gore in office? Or a haughty, UN lover like Kerry?

    2. Bush 41 lost because he raised taxes. Bush 43 is not going to lose because he lowered taxes. It won't happen. Some Republicans can bluster about the deficit, but those same Republicans know damn well that Kerry would in no way, shape or form cut spending.

    3. Kerry is no Clinton. Say what you will about Clinton, but he did govern from a centrist position and, at the time, seemed pretty harmless. Hillary was the scary one. Well, guess what, Kerry is just a sliver to the right of Hillary. He's that scary.

    4. Finally, there's no real viable candidate out there for fiscal conservatives, or for those who'd like a more hawkish approach to terrorism. If you lean that way, Bush is clearly the better choice for you.

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    IE users, take note

    [Posted by james]

    OK, this is really completely off topic, but I want to bring this to our readers attention.

    The issue: IE sucks.

    In case you haven't been keeping up, the number of security holes in IE has gotten way out of hand. There have been a couple of wide, gaping holes that have gone unfixed for weeks. And I mean big holes, as in the kind Stormin' Norman could drive a quarter of a million troops through.

    Some of the problems that have gone unfixed:

    :: Pop-up ads which download software which use a users' computer to send out spam or install Trojans that watch your typing.

    :: Emails by 'phishers' grab bank details by using malicious internet addresses preceded by a real one.

    :: A padlock appears on a pop-up window, but uses a similar technique to the one above to get users' details.

    :: Some pornography websites use Internet Explorer to download software that changes the computer's settings to dial a premium rate number.

    :: One pop-up ad installs software that monitors whether you visit any of 50 banking sites, and monitors keystrokes before sending them to a website in San Diego.

    I noticed that Microsoft does have a "patch" available, but the only thing that the patch does is alter your "security settings" so that the affected features are no longer functional. In other words, it doesn't fix the problem, it just reduces the functionality of your browser to mask the problem.

    Says one group of experts: The number and seriousness of the vulnerabilities is now getting past a joke.

    So, dear readers, I urge you to either install Mozilla Firefox (which is a much better browser than IE anyway, IMHO), or to install the "critical" security patch from Microsoft.

    OK, geek moment over. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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    July 04, 2004

    We Hold These Truths

    [Posted by ]

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    228 years ago today, our country was formed on these truths. "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

    In 10 days time, the French will celebrate Bastille Day. Like America, France has three ideals from which its country was formed: Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité.

    But there the similarities end. France promises equality. America promises opportunity. It's the difference between a capitalist society and a socialist one. One rewards success and punishes failure, while the other protects from both.

    My fervent belief is that the continued promise of opportunity is what makes America great, while the promise of equality is what has plunged France, and much of the rest of Europe, into mediocrity.

    But even today, there are those who would replace the land of opportunity with the land of equality. Don't let them. Vote and get others to vote with you (but only if you're voting Republican, otherwise, go do something else :-).

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    Kerry at the Gunslick in Holmen, WI

    [Posted by james]

    No, it's not photoshopped, either.

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    July 02, 2004

    From the WTF department: UN Inspectors?

    [Posted by james]

    US lawmakers request UN observers for November 2 presidential election

    Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas is the leader of this brilliant No Brains Nine, but we've been unable to find out who the other eight are. We'd love to call out the entire group of lawmakers who are so willing to give up any kind of sovereignty to the likes of the corrupt United Nations.

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    AJC: Media wrong to treat '9/11' film as truth

    [Posted by james]

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is carrying an article entitled "Media wrong to treat '9/11' film as truth." It's exactly the type of article that I normally post in the "Daily Links" section, as I don't have a lot of commentary to go along with it.

    However, AJC has taken steps that clearly indicate that they don't want to be freely linked to.

    So please see the link below for the expanded entry.

    Media wrong to treat '9/11' film as truth Shaunti Feldhahn - For the Journal-Constitution Wednesday, June 30, 2004

    What irks me most about "Fahrenheit 9/11" is not that it exists, or that it's full of factual errors, misleading editing and conspiracy theories masquerading as fact. Those things bug me, of course, and are the topic of much indignant discussion in the conservative community. But what rankles most is that although Michael Moore doesn't even pretend his movie is an objective, factual documentary, the mainstream media and much of the American public is treating it as if it were.

    Although documentaries are technically supposed to maintain some semblance of objectivity, many are created to further the filmmaker's agenda. Whether the movie is about the fragile ecosystem of the rainforest or the AIDS epidemic in Africa, documentaries often intend to influence the viewer in a specific direction.

    Moore has at least been honest about that, if about little else in the film. He says his is not a work of journalism, but rather "an op-ed piece." He acknowledges it was crafted for emotional manipulation and takes liberties with editing. He bluntly states his intent to defeat President Bush. All of which are fine, in the sense that this is a free country, and he is welcome to make whatever sort of film he wants (a propaganda flick), make whatever wild claims he wants (that Bush purposely let Osama bin Laden escape justice for personal financial reasons) and distribute it to whomever will watch it.

    What is disturbing is that respected movie reviewers and media leaders are not really trying to treat the film as the biased polemic that it is. I have been astounded to see movie critics solemnly discuss the thing as if it were a factual documentary whose controversial claims deserved careful consideration. The Los Angeles Times' movie critic, for example, labels the film "propaganda" --- but then goes on to review it as if it weren't, saying that because it has elements of truth, it should have a "devastating effect on viewers"!

    It's as if religion reporters were to suddenly treat the novel "The DaVinci Code" not as a work of fiction but as a historical reference piece worthy of scholarly consideration, just because it contains a few grains of fact amid all the fabrications. Just because Moore calls his film "nonfiction" doesn't mean that it is fact. The job of the mainstream media should be to tell us what's fact, not the other way around.

    There's another problem, too. As an author, I know that creative impact is all about distribution. You can craft a great book or movie, but if it doesn't get on shelves or on screens, its impact is limited. So its frustrating that the largely liberal Hollywood distribution network is rolling out the red carpet in a way they would never even consider for opinion films from the other side of the aisle.

    Ten years ago, "The Clinton Chronicles" documentary presented disturbing details about our then-president and his wife. The movie appeared well-researched and made some devastating charges about the Clintons' power years in Arkansas, carefully building a case for corruption, money-laundering, drug-running, bribery, intimidation and even murder.

    But mainstream film distributors and movie critics never even considered circulating or reviewing that documentary. After all, they reasoned, "The Clinton Chronicles" was simply propaganda intended to smear an incumbent president during his re-election campaign. They ignored the movie in the name of responsible journalism, and it was consigned to informal distribution among die-hard conservative conspiracy theorists, never to receive mainstream attention.

    I wish the same could be said of Moore's films. Too bad his willing conspiracy-theory accomplices are the mainstream media.

    > Shaunti Feldhahn of Norcross is the author of several books. Her column appears Wednesdays.

    And if you're looking for a cite to the article, it's at

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    Stumping in Flyover Country

    [Posted by ]

    I love it when newspapers like the Washington Post, NY Times or LA Times file articles from small towns. They have absolutely no understanding of middle America and so they file these stories that do nothing other than reinforce the stereotypes they came in with.

    Case in point, in today's LA Times, Michael Finnegan traveled with the Kerry campaign to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Let's set the mood:

    A deer with gnarled antlers peers at customers from the wall of Garnet's Barbershop in this remote dairy town. Garnet Mathwig, who shot the deer, displays its head for the farmers and factory men who pay him $11 for a haircut.

    Remote dairy town? Perhaps best known for Leinenkugel's beer, Chippewa Falls is a town of 13,000, the county seat of Chippewa County (pop. 55,000) and has a whopping .4% of its population employed in agriculture. The county as a whole has 5.8% employed in agriculture.

    But clearly, this particular reporter is more interested in furthering their agenda than presenting the truth. He quotes Mr. Mathwig saying, "They keep talking about all these jobs they've created, but where are they?" The article mentions layouts and plant closings and clearly tries to present a Chippewa Falls in the midst of a recession. However, the facts tell a different story. The unemployment rate in Chippewa County in May was 4.7%, down from 5.6% last year and well below the national 5.6% rate.

    I have to laugh when abortion and gun rights are presented in the article as "cultural" issues. It's like the author is winking at the reader and saying, "hey, these hicks from Wisconsin aren't like us. Some of them gasp hunt and kill animals. Some of them don't want abortion legal. They're not like you, me or any of our friends. They're part of a strange, foreign 'culture'".

    In any case, the race in Wisconsin comes down to jobs and Iraq. Amazingly, our intrepid reporter cannot find a single person to quote in support of our efforts in Iraq (wow, even gun-toting pro-life hicks are against the war!). Where's the guy saying "Bush isn't doing enough. The next time they behead some American we bomb Mecca!" I mean, I know these people. I'm related to these people! Non-anecdotely, 54% of Wisconsinsites give Bush positive marks on dealing with terrorism. The LA Times could find none of these people to quote.

    Much like their performance in other "foreign" lands, liberal reporters seek out and quote those who reflect their own opinions. They then present these opinions as if the majority of the people think the same way. Then, they claim they don't have a liberal bias. And, when you insist that they do, they whine about being called unpatriotic and call you a digital brownshirt. It's tiresome and predictable.

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    July 01, 2004

    Top Referrers for June

    [Posted by james]

    Here's a list of the top 15 blog referrers to for the month of June, 2004. Check 'em out, they're good reading. (as evidenced by their linking to us. :-)

    1. Right Wing News
    2. Ace of Spades HQ
    3. Blogs for Bush
    4. California Yankee
    5. Avoca Pundit
    6. Neophyte Pundit
    7. Absinthe & Cookies
    8. Outside the Beltway
    9. The Galvin Opinion
    10. Right Thinking Girl
    11. Rambling's Journal
    12. Dales' Electoral College Breakdown 2004
    13. Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room
    14. Patio Pundit
    15. New England Republican

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    John Kerry for President?

    [Posted by james]

    The Federalist has put up a John Kerry For President parody website at

    I think that if enough of us add links to the John Kerry for President website, Google will index it much like it does the term Waffles.

    So, come on fellow bloggers, add your links.

    (Incidentally, if you don't already subscribe to The Federalist, I'd recommend it. It's right, and it's free, and I've never received any unsolicited email as a result. )

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    Latest Polls

    [Posted by ]

    Dale's Electoral College Breakdown has updates as of yesterday. I love the site, but it is kind of confusing to see Bush represented in blue.

    The latest ECB article shows that pollsters are still very uncertain about the 2004 race, and that, potentially, more Amerians are joining the ranks of the undecided as well. How funny is it that the millions of dollars spent by both campaigns has resulted in Americans having less of an idea of how they want to vote?

    I also highly recommend you check out the George Washington University Battleground Poll. The presentation graphics are fascinating. The public still seems to think that Kerry is the better choice for domestic issues, but they have a very strong affection and respect for President Bush personally (despite the media and the left's incessant "Bush LIED" cries).

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