Why People are so Eager to be in Politics?

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Whether you accept it or not, it is in man’s nature to be competitive. Regardless if it is who will win the most games when decided to play solitaire, who can eat the most foods in X number of minutes/hours and so forth. This is basically what driving people in various aspects of life which include the search for assets, money and assets.

Noble causes and ideas might help in launching one’s career but there are more ideals being subverted by the instinctual reasons of man which is none other than self-interest. Needless to say, less cynical individuals may call this as self-preservation but still, the results will be the same. Just watch how news are presented and it’ll almost always have stories covering corrupt politicians or even self-serving legislation or any other aspects of politics.

Becoming a Politician

Politics opens 2 doors for man and that’s corruption and power. That’s not to say that these should intertwine but, that it’s impossible to do politics without touching any of these elements. For instance, there are politicians that are using their power for the benefit of their city and citizens while others are using it to benefit their party while others for personal gains.

Why People want to become Politician?

There are many reasons why people are running for politics and want to have a seat in the office. First and foremost, everyone wants to have power; whether it is for good or not. Everyone who is aspiring to become a politician needs to be able to mingle with the good and bad sides of corruption.

But just like everything else in life, no one might make you do anything. Assuming that a politician stick into their idealistic nature, then life may get rough but those who will preserve are the only ones who can look themselves confidently in the mirror.

Is it Good or Bad?

Indeed, becoming a politician will introduce you to powerful and influential people and even you can be one. On the other hand, this can only work if the politician will be using their power and influence for the goodness of their community. Succumbing to it will otherwise create an opposite effect.