Pres. Biden’s Poor Debate Performance Sparks Concerns Over His Candidacy

President Joe BidenPres. Biden’s performance in last Thursday’s high profile debate with ex-president Trump sparked serious concerns about Biden’s viability as the right candidate in the forthcoming presidential election.

Some current and former Democratic Party lawmakers and other prominent figures have expressed alarm and have raised doubts over Pres. Biden’s mental acuity and capability to serve another 4-year term as President of the United State of America.

Pres. Obama and other Democratic lawmakers Maryland Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin remarked that Biden’s candidacy is a political party matter where differences of point of view have sparked serious and rigorous conversations at every party level. Nevertheless, House Speaker Hakeem Jeffries and key Democratic Party leaders like former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have come out with statements in support of President Biden.

Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz is said to have huddled with other Democratic governors and had a post-debate discussion over Biden’s disappointing performance.

Some people who claim to have been briefed about the meeting said not a few state leaders present expressed frustration over the matter. Moreover, Biden’s lack of outreach to a number of governors and their teams was also mentioned.

President Biden Asserts He Can Do the Job

President Joe BIden said this Wednesday that before heading to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he will meet with Democratic governors and lawmakers this coming weekend to address their concerns.

The president is also expected to address such concerns with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos this coming Friday. in his first post-debate TV interview.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters last Tuesday that they acknowledge that the President did not have a stellar debate performance. Ms. Jean-Pierre is confident that the president can address the concerns well, since he said right after the debate that he knows how to do the job as proven by his track record.