Understanding the Pros and Cons of Social Media Among Politicians

Let’s admit it, the mainstream media has been giving politicians who were tall, gorgeous, and fit to many advantages against competitors. In the present times, we have social media, which is apparently the most effective communication platform to ever have. Politicians can post information that has the chance to touch billions of citizens. The approach of social media in the political industry has significantly affected the legislators as well as the voters. At the same time, the technology is not perfect. Below are some disadvantages of technology politicians or politics in general.

Bots: The topic of bots compromising the result of elections has just become a hot topic. Bots are false accounts on social media platforms and even in video games https://gs2us.com/games that sew confusion among voters and political parties. Bots are being used to spread misinformation and news from unreliable websites. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest platforms under investigation. In the past elections, Russia supposedly impacted the election by utilizing false accounts on popular social media platforms, with Facebook being on the top.
Low Level or Shallow Discussion: Social media has created the decline of political discussion. Politicians preferred to communicate through memes and improper posts on the internet. In the past elections, there are plenty of candidates who were competing for the most powerful office in the land decreased their speech so as to appeal to more people. There are plenty of problems with this. If a regular person were to act the way government officials do on social media, they would most likely lose their job, that said, politicians must be able to do similar thing, if not a better example.
Social media has no doubt gave more limitation to politicians as to how they distribute information, and how they gain followrs and vote. I must say that social media has also allocated more decision and control in the hands of citizens, nevertheless, the echo chambers generated on social media platforms decrease any influence that voters have. Finally, technology and the internet, in particular, provides the most robust communication platform in history, and it will remain to impact and transform the way political candidates won.